The surprising power of thank-you gifts for customers

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Thank-you gifts for customers improve client loyalty. This Blue Paper helps you pick the right time and the right gift to make a significant business impact.

Choose wisely: The power colours can have on your brand identity

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Colour can be an influential, yet overlooked, part of your brand. Read more for a closer look at the science behind colour choice—and swag colour—in marketing.

How to strengthen your brand with local marketing

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Your brand is more than the products you sell, it’s how the public perceives your company. Create strong brand awareness in your community by focusing on local, persona...

Awards and recognition for employees to bring out the best in your team

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Awards and recognition for employees not only help staff feel good about themselves—they make them better employees. Workers who receive regular recognition are more en...

How thought leadership and training giveaways can build your business

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In-person presentations, webinars and training giveaways are great ways to show thought leadership. Thought leadership is a style of content marketing that responds to cu...

How to use event swag to make the event experience more memorable

Hosting a live event is one of the best ways to grow a business. Adding event swag can help you be remembered after every gathering! From sending event reminders to helpi...

Creative leave-behind ideas to get ahead in business

Leave-behind items are an important way to provide potential customers with critical information they need to keep your brand in mind when the time comes. Make sure they ...

Expert sales training techniques that will step up your game

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Making sales is key to staying in business. Our Blue Paper offers proven sales training techniques and training giveaways any team can benefit from. Check it out to learn...

How to keep customers flowing through your sales pipeline

Everyone wants to make more sales. This Blue Paper walks you through the sales pipeline process for both customers and sales reps, hitting each major touchpoint and offer...

Make your next trade show appearance work for you

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Trade shows are the place to gain new leads, network or introduce your product to potential clients. With the right amount of prep, interactive experiences and sweet trad...