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Multiple people who posted images of their unique promotional pens

| Updated: February 03, 2021


See what unique promotional pens are being talked about

Posted: April 03, 2018 | Updated: February 03, 2021 | Erika Ferguson

Photo of woman holding unique promotional pens.

“The NEW pens are in! We always get compliments on our pens and last week we ran out. We ordered from @4imprint and got our new pens right away! Speedy delivery.”


Photo of unique promotional pen sitting on top of matching branded journal

“Love our new journal and pen we had made with 4imprint!” #SwaggingRights #sri #strategicrenewal


Like a Prayer Foundation's personalized writing instruments, branded t-shirt and logo'd chip clip

Loving our new swag from @4imprint! #nonprofit #local #followus #SwaggingRights #4imprint #Oshkosh


Coach Butts tweeted a photo of unique promotional pens

@4imprint #SwaggingRights @BeaufortCo_ROD


Kimberly Erturk tweeted a photo of unique promotional pens she used for a hiring event

Loving the promotional pens from @4imprint, used them for a hiring event in Belleair, FL. #SwaggingRights


Kathleen Baldwin tweeted a photo of the writing instruments she used for a writing workshop

Excited I got my new pens in time for tomorrow’s workshop #SwaggingRights


CAPS Research tweeted a photo of the personalized writing instruments and other materials they used

The @CAPSResearch #SupplyManagement Roundtable is well underway-rich in #metrics, focused on value, great networking & swag #SwaggingRights


Northern Specialty Health photo from Instagram showing off a person writing with their promo pen

#SwaggingRights NSH loves our pens from #4imprint


Gallery 16 Salon Instagram photo showing a pile of all their unique promotional pens

#ourpensarecool  #SwaggingRights @4imprint


Natalie F tweeted photo of promo pens and chip clip

USMC Law Enforcement is looking good! Thanks @4imprint #CustomerService #OnPoint #SwaggingRights


Photo of Clear Line's branded writing instruments

We love our new pens! They turned out just as we hoped they would! We love using them around the office as well as giving them out to our drivers. We will also be handing them out at job fairs. It’s a great way to advertise our business.


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