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| Updated: December 21, 2022

Looking for a way to show customers, employees or associates your gratitude and appreciation? Gift baskets are the perfect way to do it! Our gift basket guru and charitable giving manager, Cheryl, breaks down the steps—from budgeting to accessorizing to wrapping—so your memorable gift basket will have that personal touch.


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What’s a great way to show your appreciation to clients, customers and volunteers?

Gift baskets.

Hi, I’m Cheryl from 4imprint, and today we’re going to talk about what makes a really great gift basket.

It’s being a value to the recipient and that doesn’t necessarily mean that you spent a  lot of money on it. It means that you put a lot of thought into it. Whoever the recipient is, is going to appreciate what you’re giving to them.

Making it special can also be adding your touch to it and having something that has your logo on it, so that they’ll remember every time they use that product, how much that you appreciated either their service, their volunteerism, or maybe just being a really good client or a really great employee.

Budget is always one of the things to consider when making gift baskets.  You want to keep in mind your relationship with the person that you’re giving it to. Maybe something that you want a lot of higher end products in is going to be a higher value. Or you can do something that’s maybe a little more personal or more fun, that doesn’t have to be as high-end.

Another part of creating a gift basket is making it memorable. Add that special touch that they know that it was made for them. Maybe it’s a gift certificate to a nursery, maybe it’s a gift card to a spa, but you can always add those extra special touches.

What are some great ways to fill out your gift basket with accessories?

Well, if you start with a few basic items, you can add accessories to add a little bit of personal touch to that.

Now, here’s one: We have a great basket to start with. We have our fleece blanket, some tumblers, a nice basket. We’ve added flip-flops, some napkins and some plates to make it a really fun day out for the ladies.

Now, we can take these items out and add in a baseball hat, peanuts, some popcorn, maybe some really fun napkins with a baseball theme, and we’re all ready to go for dads.

What’s a great way to wrap your gift basket for that wow factor?

You can use a custom container like we’ve done in these two, or you can wrap it using your cellophane, a bow and some coordinating gift wrap. Just make sure you have your heavier stuff on the bottom and a nice firm base so that once you wrap it up, pull the cellophane up over the top, securely fastening it at the top. And you can finish it off with a bow and a gift tag. And it’s a perfect display piece.

When you’re making up your baskets, make sure to make up a couple extra to keep on hand. You never know when that nonprofit organization is going to come, and they’re going to be doing some fundraising and you’re going to have a really great basket that you can share with them. It’ll  help them out. They’ll be able to raise some funds and you still get your name out there.


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