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| Updated: October 25, 2023 4 min read

Editor’s Note: This article was modified in 2022 to reflect the latest research plus some new, unusual corporate gift ideas.

The longer you know a client, the more you learn about them—from the ins and outs of their business to their likes, hobbies and family life. Tune in to your customer’s interests and select unusual corporate gifts that will stand out and show them you’re listening.

Whether you’re marking a major milestone or simply showing appreciation for their business, we’ve got some amazing gifts and unique corporate gift baskets that let you create a gift as distinct as your individual customers.


Plant a seed to grow your relationship with gardening gifts

Fifty-five percent of U.S. households garden—which means there’s a good chance your favorite customer enjoys getting their hands dirty.


Man watering a tomato plant.


Help them enjoy this activity year-round by giving them a garden that can grow no matter the season.

Bloom your business relationship with the Mini Watering Can Blossom Kit. Spice things up with an unusual promotional gift, like the Grow Your Own Mexican Herb Garden or Italian Herb Garden. Or let them try their hand at sunflowers, tomatoes or other botanicals with a Wall Sprouts Indoor Garden Blossom Kit.

Include seeds in a gift basket with other gardening implements. Use the All Purpose Utility Tote as your container and toss in a Garden Tool Set or Shovel.


Keep calm with unique corporate gift baskets

As the corporate world moves faster, work-related stress rises. In fact, 66% of employees have lost sleep due to work-related stress. And stress levels overall have risen 20% in three decades.


Workplace stress has gone up 20% in 30 years. | Unusual corporate gifts from 4imprint.


If you know your client is tasked with a large project or is experiencing an intense workload, offer them a unique corporate gift basket to help calm their nerves. Include self-care items, like Zen Scented Tumbler Candle in a refreshing lemon verbena scent, a bottle of lavender Zen Essential Oil, a Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book Gift Set and a Mighty Massage Ball.

This gift basket also makes an excellent giveaway or raffle item for community events and auctions.


It’s game on with these fun gaming gifts

Although people may think of joysticks and a screen when they hear the word “gaming,” gaming of all types is on the rise. The popularity of board games is growing, while poker tournaments and other card games appear on television regularly.

A gaming basket is perfect for anyone who loves a challenge. Create a basket with a variety of gaming fun. Consider a 7-in-1 Traditional Game SetDesktop Basketball Globe Game or Mini Memory Game. Top it off with a memorable deck of cards imprinted with Baseball or Beach scenery to tie it to your brand, a favorite pastime or a vacation.

This basket of unusual promotional gifts also makes a winning door prize on company game night.


Surprise them with specialty snack baskets

Everyone loves a tasty gift basket. In fact, the sale of food gifts reached $33 billion in 2021—a considerable increase over previous years.


One hand handing another hand a food gift basket


While they’ll always appreciate the usual box of chocolates or a popcorn tin, choosing something unexpected can make your gift extra memorable.

Bring on fun food experiences with a basket containing a License to Grill Gift Box, an Ice Cream Kit Tube or a S’mores Kit.

Or give them something out of the ordinary, like a Beech Pencil Cup with Almonds or a Leatherette Desk Caddy with Assorted Jelly Beans—they’ll remember your thoughtfulness every time they sneak a sweet treat.


A gift as unique as every client

While selecting a unique gift gives you a chance to be creative, there’s one gift you can truly personalize for every client: a handwritten thank-you note. Sending clients a Thank You for Your Business Note Card that shares why you love working with them is a low-cost, personal way to show your appreciation.


Unusual corporate gifts create fond memories

A favorite client deserves an unusual corporate gift that’s just as special as they are. Take the time to choose a distinctive gift or craft a heartfelt thank-you note to show your customers just how much you care. Read our article for more unusual promotional gift ideas that are perfect for any occasion. And if you want to pamper them, shop our personal care gifts.