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| Updated: January 08, 2021

Working alongside coworkers while giving back to the community can be one of the most rewarding parts of any job. And that’s good news for nonprofits. When businesses help nonprofits fulfil their mission, it makes volunteers happier. It gives them the opportunity to meet new people and it helps establish a sense of purpose.

Many nonprofits are working with companies to develop skills-based volunteering programs. Using this approach, companies don’t just donate funds. They also get employees to apply their expertise. With only one in four people actively volunteering, this is an incredible win-win opportunity for both nonprofits and businesses.

But just what is skills-based volunteering and how can it help your nonprofit? Skills-based volunteering can be thought of as “the intersection of passion and purpose.” It matches professionals’ individual talents to the needs of nonprofits, maximizing their impact on the nonprofit and its mission. To help build relationships with businesses, nonprofits can use gifts for volunteers to recognize and reward those who help. Skills-based volunteering also:

Saves time

When employees donate their time, it frees up your staff to do their mission-critical work.

Saves money

Highly trained professionals donating their time to help specific parts of a nonprofit organization means you won’t have to hire additional staff. Thank volunteers by giving them something to carry important files in, such as a cost-effective laptop messenger bag.

Creates long-term relationships

Bringing in new volunteers broadens your network, expanding the list of supporters and potential donors. After volunteers complete a project, ask them for feedback. Give those who provide input a Thumbs Up Key Light. Also, reward long-term volunteers when they reach milestones, such as certain numbers of volunteer hours or years. A desktop clock is great for showing appreciation.

Deepens relationships

Volunteers get a lot of satisfaction from doing good work for nonprofits, especially if it’s a cause they are passionate about. Allow them to show their pride—give them logo’d T-shirts. They are among one of the most useful gifts for volunteers.

Since skills-based volunteering requires a company to be an active partner, target ones in your area and clearly demonstrate how corporate volunteer programs benefit businesses. Explain how a volunteer partnership with your nonprofit will enhance their employees’ experience. Then, include gifts for volunteers to show your appreciation. Get ready to rev up your nonprofit with skills-based volunteering today!