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| Updated: March 23, 2021

Are you looking for the latest promotional apparel trends to make your logo (and those who wear it) look great? From bold colours to optimal comfort and fit to the latest in fabrics and patterns, we’ve got you covered.

Check out these promotional apparel trends that will have your employees, customers and supporters looking their best.

What’s new in trendy promotional apparel?


Athleisure remains a top promotional apparel style. According to Business Insider®, this business casual/activewear hybrid is more than just a fad. It represents a fundamental shift in our approach to work-appropriate clothing. While perhaps left to more casual workplaces, the clothing can be paired with more professional pieces for a sharp look. Those who wear it appreciate the added flexibility. Go from work to watching the kids’ soccer games without needing to change clothes. The wrinkle-free and odour-resistant fabric of athleisure wear helps keep your employees and your brand looking their best. This Fila® polo is both comfortable and stylish—the perfect choice for the office or for sport. If you’re looking for a collarless option, they’ll look sharp in this wrinkle- and stain-resistant heathered shirt.


According to Harper’s BAZAAR®, people are going mad for plaid in 2018. From coats to pants to accessories, plaid has been spotted on the runway and the streets. Let employees and customers know your brand is on-trend by offering something they may not normally get in promotional apparel. Whether it’s being worn for exercising outdoors or on their daily commute, this jacket, available in both men’s and women’s, is both waterproof and breathable. The plaid pattern on this trucker cap creates a perfectly tasteful accent.

Bold colours

Fashion bloggers Tom and Lorenzo call “the bold, simple, childlike rainbow of colours found in a basic box of crayons” a hot color trend. Think bright pops of colour straight from the rainbow. The Jerzees® knit polo comes in several bold colours and is available in both mens’ and ladies’ sizes. Choose different colours of the same style to differentiate one department from another. This brightly coloured jacket repels wind and rain and even helps keep electronics dry in its waterproof pockets. Plus, the bright colours stand out when visibility is low. Perfect for the morning commute or jobs performed in rain or shine—consider it for park employees, coaches or parking attendants.


According to the BoF® (Business of Fashion), sustainability is becoming an integral part of the fashion world. Millennials, in particular, are seeking sustainably produced clothing and are willing to pay more for it, too. Brands like American Apparel®, which boast ethically made products produced under fair and safe work conditions, are known for their commitment to social responsibility. This American Apparel fleece hoodie makes a great employee gift or raffle item. For a favourite “go-to” T-shirt, choose the American Apparel track shirt.


Whether you’re looking for the latest colours or patterns, a socially responsible brand or athleisure apparel, these trendy promotional apparel items will keep your employees, customers and supporters scoring major style points.