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| Updated: December 15, 2020 2 min read

Giving is on the rise. Last year, donor support grew 4.1% for the sixth consecutive year. Of course, a successful fundraising strategy includes showing appreciation with thank-you notes and perhaps gratitude gifts. To help you with gratitude gift ideas, we’ve put together a list to help you show appreciation to the people who support you.


Idea #1: Welcome package

There’s nothing more exciting than getting a donation from a first-time giver. When a new donor reaches out, give them a welcome package show your appreciation. Send it no later than two weeks after they’ve made their first gift.

To do this, send a gift that correlates back to what you do. For example, a homeless shelter might send a blanket with a note that says “Because of your kindness, we can share warmth with others.”


Idea #2 Seasonal items

Consider giving a gift that matches the season. In fall and winter, donors will appreciate gratitude gifts like a cozy beanie or a mug for their favorite hot beverage.


Idea #3: Birthday surprise

When people donate, ask them to share their birth date with you. That way, you can surprise them with a personalized card and a gift to show gratitude, such as a hardcover notebook. Maybe even attach a gift card for them to get local takeout. And remember to send a handwritten thank-you note for their support.

Idea #4: Sweets and treats

Never underestimate the power of food. Appeal to donors’ taste buds with cookies or nuts. Can’t decide if you should give sweet or salty treats? Try both by sending a bag of kettle corn.


Idea #5: Meaningful calendars

Find a calendar that matches your fundraising theme or your mission. Or send a calendar they would find useful, such as a Farmer’s Almanac calendar. With daily use, the calendar will keep your organization top of mind throughout the year.


Show your appreciation

Thanking donors is a must when it comes to fundraising. Plus, showing your appreciation with gratitude gifts can help you build a pool of recurring donors (who give a whopping 440% more over time than one-time donors). The best gifts will encourage your donors to give more, so you can make an even bigger impact.