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| Updated: January 14, 2021

At fundraisers, fun and excitement go hand in hand with generous giving.Fundraising is one of the most common ways nonprofits can generate revenue to cover program expenses. It’s not a small chunk of change, with $9 billion raised by charitable organizations in 2014. But when there are more than 170,000 charitable and nonprofit organizations competing for your hard-earned dollar, finding the best ways to fundraise and stand out from the crowd can be challenging.

So what are some good ways to raise money? Many organizations—34.2 percent, in fact—generate more than half their fundraising from nonprofit fundraising events. At fundraisers, fun and excitement go hand in hand with generous giving. Adding fundraising premiums to the mix increases average gift amount by 37 percent. That may be the difference between a nonprofit’s mission being fully funded and just squeaking by.

But how do you select the right promotional products for fundraising? Let’s take a look at several ideas for fundraising events and see how giving the right premiums can help you reach your goals.


Thank your corporate sponsors.

Many consumers expect companies to be socially responsible.

If you want to make your fundraiser a big success, seek out corporate sponsorships. They’re a win-win proposition: The fundraising organization receives help covering the cost of the event, while companies get positive publicity from associating with an important social cause. How positive? A recent survey found 9 in 10 consumers expect companies to be socially responsible. Sponsoring a nonprofit fundraising event demonstrates those virtues to the community.

Because corporate sponsorships are a good way to raise money, it’s important to show gratitude to your sponsors. In fact, thanking sponsors is one of the best ways to use promotional products for fundraising. Recognize different gift amounts with multilevel awards, such as a Walnut Finished Plaque with Jade Glass Plate for one sponsorship level and an eye-catching Mountain Starfire Award for a higher level.


Brand your fundraising event’s silent auction items.

87% of people find silent auctions at least somewhat effective.

There are many different ways to fundraise, and holding a silent auction at a fundraising event is very common. A survey (PDF) from BiddingForGood revealed that 87 percent of people found silent auctions to be at least somewhat effective in raising funds for their cause.

To prepare for a silent auction, gather items that specifically appeal to your supporters. Find distinctive items that will get people excited about bidding. The more items that interest them, the more bids you’ll receive. Know your supporters’ price range and choose items within that range. Local businesses and event sponsors are often good sources of donation items.

Themed gift baskets are popular, and using promotional products for fundraising is a great way to create highly desirable silent auction items. For example, use the logo’d Two Tone Shopper Tote instead of a basket. The convenient tote makes it easy for buyers to transport their winnings home at the end of the night. And they’ll continue seeing your logo long after the event is over.


Give your supporters a memorable fundraising premium.

More than half the time, promotional products leave a favourable impression.

Even if your attendees don’t win anything at the silent auction, don’t let them go home empty-handed. More than half the time, promotional products leave an even more favourable impression of the advertiser. (Hint: If you want to keep your name in front of your supporters, this is a great way to do it!)

Another opportunity to use promotional products for fundraising is to send attendees off with a clever thank-you gift. One fun idea is to take photos of all your guests as they arrive. Print the photos and insert them into a Wood Frame with the name and date of the event. It’s a keepsake they’ll really appreciate. Best of all, looking at the photo will remind them of all the fun they had at your event.


Your fundraising event should be a reflection of your brand.

Perhaps most importantly, when you plan a fundraising event, make sure it represents your organization’s culture and values. Supporters are making a personal commitment with their donation; so let them know you’re more than a faceless corporation. Showcase success stories, examples of how you’re making a difference in the community, and pictures of your organization in action to make a connection with your supporters. It’s the best way to ensure your supporters enjoy the event and return for future events. (Hint: A few extra share-worthy touches and you’ll help create word-of-mouth marketing for next year’s event, too.) With a little creativity and some carefully selected promotional products for fundraising, your event is certain to be a huge success.


Becky Dillenberg
Becky Dillenberg

Becky is 4imprint’s Marketing Manager for Public Relations and Content, and has been with 4imprint for 12 years. Becky writes about how promotional products can help organizations grow and spread their messages, as well as 4imprint news.

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