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| Updated: January 13, 2021 4 min read

As a new year begins, new opportunities arise—to help more people, to make your organization better and to find the most effective ways to raise funds. These fundraising trends (along with giveaway ideas) can help you connect with, and retain, donors.


Create integrated giving opportunities

Find supporters on the platforms they’re already using and allow them to donate through those platforms. This includes social media and some online places your donors frequent, like the transfer platform Venmo®. One study showed people who give via social media are more likely to do so in the future study. If you add social media donation options to your toolbox, let people know by sharing a fundraising giveaway like an emoji pen or smartphone sticky notes.


Encourage corporate giving

An estimated $4 to $7 billion in donation matching funds go unclaimed every year. A survey found that 84% of donors are more likely to give when matching funds are available. Ask supporters whether their company offers donation matching. It could double your fundraising efforts.

Send a card to previous supporters explaining the significant impact that doubling their donations can create. You can also list some of the businesses that have offered to match funds in the past. When you attend local events, hand out seeded awareness ribbon bookmarks that explain the importance of matching donations—and how those extra “seeds” help you grow.


Retain donors with storytelling and gratitude

Retaining donors has major benefits for your fundraising, as keeping a donor costs about 20% less than acquiring a new one. Show gratitude to current donors and use storytelling to demonstrate the impact they make.

For example, if your organization raises funds for clean water, provide a fundraising giveaway like a water bottle. Include a note that tells how many times the bottle can be filled thanks to their support. This shows your gratitude and offers a concrete demonstration of the impact the donor is making.


Fresh support for a new year

As your organization enters a new year, try one or more of these fundraising trends to find donors and convert them into long-term supporters. Remember to use fundraising giveaways to help find and maintain the donations you need.