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| Updated: January 25, 2022

Square, canary-yellow adhesive notes are a classic example of clever convenience that most office supplies can’t rival. That’s what makes promotional Post-it® Notes such a useful giveaway. Couple that usefulness with an endless array of colors, sizes and fun shapes—from cats and rabbits to coffee cups and even Swiss cheese—and you’ve just shaped up your next promotion. Check out these custom-shaped Post-it Notes fit for any budget.


Custom-shaped Post-it Notes cut out for any profession

Bond customers to your brand with promotional Post-it Notes that complement your profession. The custom-shaped Post-it Notes Tooth or Capsule is a fitting choice for a dentist’s office or health clinic.

Post-it Custom Notes – Tooth

Post-it® Custom Notes – Capsule


Jot down future appointments and stick to patients’ after-visit summaries. Or mail with a handwritten reminder to call and schedule their next check-up.

Choose the House– or Bulb-shaped Post-it Notes to advertise your real-estate agency or electrician service.

Post-it Custom Notes – House


Post-it® Custom Notes – Bulb


Hand out to prospects you meet at a networking event or give as a thank-you for a referral.


Post-it Notes shaped like furry friends

Cat-Shaped Post-it Notes are the purr-fect giveaway for a veterinary clinic or pet supply store, while the promotional Rabbit Post-it Notes are great for a petting zoo or animal rescue.

Post-it® Custom Notes – Cat

Post-it® Custom Notes – Rabbit


Hand out to customers with their invoice or give to supporters as a thank-you for their volunteer time or donation.


Promotional Post-it Notes shaped like food and drink

Whether you’re advertising your bar or restaurant or the latest healthy food initiative, these custom-shaped Post-it Notes that look like food and drink will make your message stick.

An apple a day can help your message stay. Imprint an employee wellness program slogan or healthy eating tip on these Apple promotional Post-it Notes and give to staff who sign up to participate in your corporate wellness program. Advertise your dairy farm or artisan cheese market on these Cheese adhesive notes. Hand out on tours or use to promote your featured flavors. Want to get some face time with a prospect? Invite them to chat over coffee or tea. Send a reminder of your date on a Cup-Shaped Post-it Note.

Post-it Custom Notes – Apple


Post-it Custom Notes – Cheese


Post-it® Custom Notes – Cup


Promotional Post-it Notes for the win

Promotional Post-it Notes are both useful and fun. Choose one that suits your business for a branding message that really sticks.