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| Updated: August 25, 2022

Much like computers, pens, pencils and paper, Post-it® Notes are a common tool of the modern office. But that wasn’t always the case. 3M® began selling the Post-it® in 1977 under the name Press’ n Peel. Marketed as a bookmark, it didn’t fly off the shelves. It wasn’t until 1980—when 3M sold its Press’ n Peel under the name Post-it®—that the adhesive notepads took off. Post-it Notes were launched in Canada and Europe the following year. Today, Post-its are an office staple, plus so much more. We offer five super-handy uses for Post-it Notes promotional products:

  1. Colourful planning
  2. Simple computer maintenance
  3. Always-visible instruction manuals
  4. Streamlined planning and calendaring
  5. Office fridge food labels

Today, Post-it is a household name, much like Kleenex® and Q-tips®. And although these notepads are made by various brands, the name Post-it really sticks. The study above found that the average professional gets 11 Post-it Note messages every day.

Person at desk with computer, lamp, post-it notes and coffee mug


What’s more, a study performed at Sam Houston State University in Texas showed people were more likely to fill out a survey when a Post-it was attached.

Two side-by-side surveys - one with a sticky note has more completion


There are countless uses for post-it notes promotional products. Here are a few ways to put promotional Post-it Notes to work for you.


1. Colourful planning

Despite the many programs and apps designed to help you plan major projects, sometimes it’s easier to see how a project will lay out with adhesive notepads. The Neon Post-it® Note 3″ x 4″ is ideal for this kind of planning. Not only can you lay out and easily rearrange your timeline, but you can also colour code your project using a different hue for each staff member or project branch.


2. Simple computer maintenance

It might seem strange to think that an adhesive notepad can make the case for a better technology experience, but it’s true! A keyboard littered with crumbs can easily be cleaned out with the help of a removable note. And the tangle of cables running to computers, monitors and printers can quickly and easily be labelled using the Post-it® Notes 3″ x 8″. Simply wrap the sticky end around the cable and label for easy reference.


3. Always-visible instruction manual

Are you training a new employee on a simple task they’ll need to repeat? Or learning a new process and need a few reminders for yourself? Create a simple reference guide with promotional Post-it Notes. Attach the guide to your computer monitor, wall or desk until the new process becomes second nature. Post-it® Notes – 3″ x 4″ are the perfect size for simple instructions, while Post-it® Notes – 6″ x 10″ offer extra space for more complicated directions.

Bonus: Writing down instructions helps to enhance memory, which means creating a list of steps will help both now and in the future.

One hand covering a smartphone while another hand takes notes on a sticky note stuck to a notebook


4. Streamlined planning and calendaring

Busy employee calendars are often filled with erasures, strikethroughs and arrows pointing to moved appointment times and dates—sure to lead to a missed meeting or deadline.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that communication issues contribute to annual company losses ranging from thousands to millions of dollars per year. Avoid all that writing and rewriting—and miscommunication—with the help of promotional Post-it Notes. The 4imprint Exclusive Post-it® Custom Page Markers – Reminder offers reminders, to-do lists, and follow-up markers that can be lifted, shifted and rearranged easily, making it easier to keep important dates and times straight.


5. Office fridge food labels

Tired of seeing mysterious foodstuffs of unknown origin in the office fridge? Put a Post-it® Cube in the break room and encourage people to put a name and date on whatever food they place inside. You’ll help prevent lunch confusion and know when something needs to be moved from the fridge to the trash.


Post-it Notes promo products: The office supply with a million uses

From a quick way to label files to a colour-coded planning tool, promotional Post-it Notes are a classic product that makes office life more manageable. Get more creative ideas on how to use Post-it note promotional products.