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| Updated: January 18, 2022

When seeking sneakers, custom athletic apparel or fitness gear, New Balance® frequently is a top choice. Just how did this footwear company evolve into a leading promotional athletic apparel supplier? It’s a fascinating story.


Start with the arch

New Balance Athletics, Inc. was founded in 1906 as the New Balance Arch Support Company. That’s right, the company most recognized for footwear manufacturing today got its start selling flexible arch supports 111 years ago!

British emigrant William J. Riley founded the company after getting the idea for a flexible arch with three support points by watching chickens in his yard. He noted the birds had excellent balance. In 1934, Riley partnered with Arthur Hall, a company salesman who focused on marketing New Balance products to people who worked on their feet. Twenty-some years later, Hall sold the company to his daughter and her husband, Eleanor and Paul Kidd.


Sneaker innovations

In 1960, New Balance designed the first running shoe to have two unique features. It came in a variety of widths and had a rippled sole. They dubbed it the Trackster. The company’s impact on the athletic footwear industry was just beginning. In 1972, Jim Davis purchased New Balance. Under his leadership, the company’s product offerings expanded and sales increased quickly.


Expanding their athletic product line

Today, New Balance is based in the Boston area and also manufactures in the United Kingdom. Those who shop New Balance know some things remain the same: They’ll still find footwear ranging from narrow to wide widths. But some things have changed. The company has branched into a range of products, including sports bottles, logoed towels, custom workout equipment and promotional apparel.


A closer look at New Balance custom athletic apparel

Whether it’s for a gym workout, an afternoon run or simply because it’s a cool shirt for hot weather, the New Balance Athletic T-Shirt for women or men is the perfect promotional athletic shirt to capture customer attention.

New Balance Athletic T-Shirt – Ladies’


New Balance Athletic T-Shirt – Men’s


These shirts offer moisture-wicking comfort and a variety of colors that can complement your brand.

Want to offer the same comfort with a little more coverage? The New Balance Athletic Long Sleeve T-Shirt for men or women provides the same great looks with a shirt that’s ideal for cooler weather.

New Balance Athletic Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Men’s


New Balance Athletic Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Ladies’


And if you’re taking to determine the best way to make your logo pop, all of our custom New Balance shirts are available in screen-printed and embroidered options.

Whether you’re looking for promotional products for a run/walk, custom athletic apparel for a fundraiser, motivational promotional gifts for employee wellness initiatives or thank-you gifts for active, sporty clients, New Balance promotional athletic gear may be just what you need.


Suzanne Worwood

Suzanne Worwood

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