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T-shirt giveaways have long been one of the most popular promotional items—and with good reason. They create a win for everyone. Recipients get a comfortable, practical shirt that lets them wear a brand they love, while organizations get an average of 3,400 impressions per shirt (PDF).

T-shirts provide wins in other ways too. With a variety of price points and styles to choose from, you can select a T-shirt that reflects your brand, makes your logo pop and fits your marketing budget with just a few clicks.

We have several filters on our T-shirt page to help you narrow down your selection. Sort by fit, fabric and/or style to find the perfect match for your promotion. For popular classic tees, filter by Basic T-Shirts under the Style menu. For a performance shirt, choose Moisture Wicking under Fabric or Athletic under Style. And to save yourself time when hunting for shirts in the size you want, select from Men’s, Women’s or Youth from the Fit menu.

For more tips to help you choose the best shirt to reflect your brand, keep reading.


The traditional cotton T-shirt

With its comfortable construction and unisex design, the classic Cotton T-shirt is an apparel giveaway that almost everyone can appreciate. Keep a variety of sizes on hand and you’ll be ready to share your brand at any event or trade show, whether the audience consists of youth or adults, men or women.

The Hanes® Tagless® T-Shirt for adults or children and the Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt are available in a variety of colors and sizes. They both have that comfy, breathable cotton feel that people love—and are also available with your full-color logo.

Hanes Tagless T-Shirt – Screen | 4imprint T-shirt giveaways.Hanes Tagless T-Shirt - Youth – Screen | T-shirt giveaway ideas from 4imprint.Adult 5.2 oz. Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Screen | T-shirt giveaways from 4imprint.

The classic athletic T-shirt

Athletic T-shirts like the Contender Athletic T-shirt for women and men and the Spin Dye Jersey Long Sleeve Tee for women and men feature performance-driven fabrication and moisture-wicking technology to help keep wearers cool and comfortable while on the move.

Athletic T-shirt giveaways are ideal for youth league and office sports team sponsorships—or to keep employees who work outdoors cool and comfortable on the job.

Contender Athletic T-Shirt - Ladies | Apparel giveaways from 4imprint.Contender Athletic T-Shirt - Men's | 4imprint apparel giveaways.Spin Dye Jersey LS Tee - Ladies' | 4imprint T-shirt giveaways.Spin Dye Jersey LS Tee - Men's | T-shirt giveaway ideas from 4imprint.


Trendy fashion T-shirts

If you’re looking for a stylish T-shirt giveaway idea, the Fashion T-shirt line will have everyone clamoring for your brand. The J. America® Zen Jersey T-Shirt for men and women and the Anvil® Streak Tri-Blend T-Shirt for women and men feature light-weight fabric with an incredibly soft feel. And they’re specifically contoured for men or women to create the most flattering fit.

These apparel giveaways will help your employees look great. Use them as a uniform or share them as a thank-you gift for your customers.

J. America Zen Jersey T-Shirt - Men's | Fashion T-shirt giveaways from 4imprint.J. America Zen Jersey T-Shirt – Ladies’ | Fashion apparel giveaways from 4imprint.Anvil Streak Tri-Blend T-Shirt - Ladies' | Fashion T-shirt giveaway ideas from 4imprint.Anvil Streak Tri-Blend T-Shirt – Men’s | Apparel giveaways from 4imprint.


T-shirts for everyone

Much like your customers and employees, T-shirts come in all shapes, sizes and styles. And whether you offer a look that’s fashionable, athletic or classic, these t-shirt giveaway ideas make your brand—and your customers—look good.

Sara Mckone

Sara Mckone

Sara is 4imprint’s Senior Category Manager for apparel, and she has been with 4imprint for 20 years. Sara’s keen sense of style keeps her tuned in to the most-popular apparel brands and trends. She writes about the hottest promotional apparel on the market.

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