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| Updated: February 15, 2023

Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published in February 2017 and has since been modified to incorporate updated data on employee recognition gifts and trends.


There’s one thing all employees crave, no matter what industry they’re in or the size of their organization: appreciation for a job well done. All successes, whether big or small, are an opportunity to celebrate. Of course, there are many different ways to recognize employees so choosing the perfect employee recognition gift can be a challenging task. If you’re looking for ideas, we offer several ways to celebrate your employees.

Celebrate success. Thank-you note.


Retain employees with recognition gifts they can take on the go

Recognizing employees regularly is critical to an organization’s success and employee retention. In fact, Survey Monkey found that 63% of people who are “always” or “usually” recognized at work consider themselves “very unlikely” to seek a new job in the next 3-6 months. This is further engrained by a SHRM/Workhuman Employee Recognition Survey, which found that 68% of organizations that participate in employee recognition reported a direct positive impact on retention. Recognition is also tied to employee happiness, with Survey Monkey finding that 82% of employees say it is an important part of their happiness at work.

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Knowing how to recognize employees can greatly benefit a company’s bottom line. In fact, recognition programs have been found to yield 50% higher sales and 27% higher profits. One thing is clear—showing appreciation and giving employee recognition gifts can pay off.

If you’re trying to come up with recognition gift ideas to help you retain more employees and boost your bottom line, consider convenient on-the-go gifts. One great gift is a set of Bluetooth® Stereo Ear Buds. Employees will love the ability to listen to their music (or work meeting) while on the move. A 5000 mAh Bolt Power Bank can keep their devices charged up even when there’s no power nearby. Or a simple Roll and Go Tote will be much appreciated on their busy errand-running days.


Show ongoing appreciation with small tokens of thanks

Employee recognition ideas can be simple and straightforward. In fact, a genuinely delivered word of thanks can make team members swell with pride. Sometimes recognition can be done with a small group of people, especially for team contributions. And in our social media-driven world, a company newsletter, blog post or social media post can really show how much an employee is valued.

Show appreciation whenever possible. Handshake.

Here are some tips to consider when thinking about how to recognize employees and show appreciation whenever possible:

  • Call out specific achievements during a long-term project instead of waiting until the end. Celebrating small successes and milestones as you go will keep employees motivated. A Value Lapel Pin can be a fantastic way to recognize an important milestone during a long project.
  • Choose continuous recognition over intermittent thanks. Regular displays of appreciation reinforce positive behaviors that are important to companies. A simple face-to-face thank you is highly valued. And a thoughtful, handwritten Big Thank You Greeting Card can make employees feel highly valued.
  • Celebrate work anniversaries. Long-term employees still love to be recognized for their ongoing contributions. A vacuum-insulated elleven® Traverse Travel Tumbler is a great employee recognition gift to hand out for someone’s anniversary.

Personalize recognition with gifts that align with interests

Nothing makes an employee feel more recognized than a gift that feels tailored to them. When considering how to recognize employees, consider their interests so you can personalize your gratitude. If they enjoy sports or working out, something like the A4 Cooling Performance Tee can be a great idea, featuring the latest antimicrobial and moisture-wicking technologies. If they value green initiatives, imprint your brand on a note-worthy Vicenza Large Bound Journal Book made from eco-friendly recycled materials.

Personalize your gratitude. Logo’d bag and journal.

Employee recognition for a job well done

With ideas like convenient on-the-go gifts, continuously showing appreciation even for the little things and working to personalize your gratitude, your appreciation programs and employee recognition gift ideas can be more effective. And that’s something everyone will appreciate. If you’re looking for more ideas to show appreciation, read about these 5 affordable employee appreciation gift ideas.