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When it comes to retention, the simple act of showing gratitude makes a huge difference. In fact, 63% of staff state they’re unlikely to look for a new position when they feel recognized. When you are keeping an eye on the bottom line, affordable employee recognition gift ideas are a must. That’s why we’ve compiled some simple ways to show staff a little extra gratitude when they need (and deserve!) it the most.


Celebrate simply

While it’s nice to go all-out in honor of employee birthdays and anniversaries, even a small token of recognition can be a great way to show them how much you care. Show gratitude with simple things like a company-wide email or instant message. Or send cupcake or nostalgic candy mix for a job well-done. And celebrate sales milestones by having lunch delivered by a local restaurant or send them a gift card to treat themselves.


Mark unique occasions

Frequently, employee recognition focuses on the same accomplishments, like promotions, sales goals or years of services. Creating a few unique awards is a fun way to recognize valuable contributions that aren’t always called out, like:

  • A person who always checks in with their coworkers when it’s clear they need some help.
  • A team member who consistently throws out fresh ideas in a brainstorm session.
  • An individual who makes certain the coffee pot is full and the breakroom looks good.

A framed certificate or lunch cooler are great ways to tell them their contributions don’t go unnoticed.


Give them time

When the daily grind is fast and furious, finding time to focus on an innovative project or idea can be tough. Give employees a day to focus on a new project and have them present what they’ve accomplished. Not only does this show them you value their contributions, it adds value to your company too. Make it a game to magnify the fun. Have a few staff members compete and award the person or group with the best idea with a trophy.


Send a thank-you note

Taking a moment to hand write a thank-you note that details what you appreciate about them is a powerful form of gratitude. Sending it to their home adds an extra element of surprise and delight. Better yet, have their higher-ups provide the praise. Twenty-eight percent of staff members feel their most memorable recognition came from their manager.


Provide new opportunities

Is there a new technology that can make your business better? Are there recent changes to your industry that have your staff excited? Bring in an expert and give your staff a day of education.

Boost the excitement with an affordable employee gift like a journal where they can record what they’re learning—and what they want to do with their newfound knowledge.


Attitude of gratitude

Thanking staff doesn’t just make them feel good. It makes them more likely to stay with your business for a long time to come. With help from these affordable employee appreciation gift ideas, your gratitude can be a big win for both you and your business.