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| Updated: December 09, 2022 3 min read

How quickly people adopt new technology depends on the individual. For example, some people get the newest phone on the day of release. Others wait until their current device has to be replaced. This can create a challenge when you want to offer tech giveaways, like branded wireless chargers, to potential customers.

Although more items on the market use wireless charging every day — more than one billion smartphones have wireless charging capabilities — there will always be customers you’ll want to connect with who don’t yet have a use for this type of tech.

But those customers can still use a notebook, a speaker or a clock.

If you’re looking for a giveaway that offers the latest tech built into items just about anyone can use, these promotional products let your brand charge up tech-thirsty customers today while still offering value to those who won’t need new tech for some time to come.


A wireless speaker that doubles as a charger

Bluetooth® speakers offer tremendous freedom. Users can listen to their favorite music, podcasts or audiobook while the speaker sits on a desk, a shelf or maybe even in a different room. There’s no need to physically connect it to an MP3 player, phone or computer.

The Boost Wireless Charger Speaker provides additional freedom. Recipients can charge a device and enjoy their favorite media at the same time. This tech promotional item makes an excellent anniversary gift for telecommuting employees who love to pump up the volume while keeping their phone ready for a call.


Wireless speaker charger with a phone on top.


Paper and power come together in a charging padfolio

Even as the world is getting more tech-focused, the sale of notebooks is on the rise—and the Reclaim Wireless Charging Padfolio brings together the digital and analog worlds. With a paper notepad to take notes and a rechargeable power bank inside the front cover to juice up their device, this tech promotional item can be handed out at a day-long training or to encourage customers to attend an informational seminar at a trade show.

Padfolio with a logo.Inside view of a padfolio with an integrated phone charger.



Wired or wireless? They choose with the Qi-enabled power bank

People rely on their smartphones to maintain their calendars, check social media feeds and video chat at business meetings. Simply put, pretty much everyone could use a few more hours of battery life. That makes the Cameron Qi Wireless Power Bank a branded wireless charger customers will love. Because this product can recharge a phone wirelessly or with a charging cable, it offers universal appeal.

Red power bank with a logo.


Time to charge up

A phone may be the most convenient way for tech enthusiasts to check the time. Another way to accomplish those tasks is with the Set in Stone Wireless Charging Desk Clock. They can check the time and charge their phone, and with its practical, useful design and sleek modern appearance, this alarm clock is an ideal holiday gift for clients.

Stone wireless charging desk clock.

Tech giveaways to meet everyone’s needs

People love tech giveaways but aren’t always able to use them. These practical tech promotional items, combined with branded wireless chargers, ensure your gift is one they’ll be able to use whether they own the latest tech or no tech. For ideas on wireless earbud gifts, see our article.

Michelle Banks

Michelle Banks

Michelle is 4imprint’s Technology Category Manager, and has been with the company for 17 years. Keeping a close eye on what’s going on in the changing tech world, Michelle writes about the most popular products that customers want.

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