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Posted: July 01, 2022 4 min read

Wireless ear buds have been on the retail scene for years. From the gym to the airport to school hallways and office corridors, everyone seems to be connected (wirelessly, that is). We checked in with Michelle, our tech giveaway expert, to see what’s new in promotional ear buds. To say she gave us an “earful” is an understatement. Here’s her report:

“With true wireless ear buds gaining popularity, they’re a must-have tech accessory,” she said. “They’re designed for active lifestyles by eliminating the hassle of wires. We carry a wide assortment of styles with different functionalities and price points to suit your customer’s needs.”


Stylish logo ear buds for a song

Our Bawl True Wireless Auto Pair Ear Buds come in at a great price and are designed with Bluetooth® 5.0 technology. Once they are removed from the case, they’ll automatically power on and sync. Your logo is on the front of the case so recipients remember who gave them such a useful technology giveaway. If you prefer more color for your promotional gift, check out the Horizon True Wireless Ear Buds with Charging Case in five colors. They’ll charge in 30 minutes and provide about 90 minutes of playback time on a single charge.


Workouts and runs are better with portable tunes

Michelle suggested these upscale earbuds as an ideal tech giveaway to promote workplace wellness campaigns. It’s easier to push themselves to do a few more crunches or run a few more blocks when there’s a motivating melody playing in their ears. The Bluetooth-powered A’Ray True Wireless Auto Pair Ear Buds with Active Noise Cancellation have an ergonomic design that helps them stay in their ears when they are moving. The Marathon True Wireless Ear Buds with Pouch features an over-the-ear design to hold the ear buds securely in place while jogging or during intense workouts.


Silicone-tip models feel comfy in their ears

It’s hard to beat the comfort of silicone-tip ear buds. These technology giveaways make ear comfort a priority while delivering sweet tunes or their favorite audio books. The Expedition Auto Pairing True Wireless Ear Buds allow them to get two ear bud charges on every full charge of the case. They pair with any Bluetooth device up to 33 feet away. Our Slide True Wireless Auto Pair Ear Buds have a unique slide-off lid (with your printed logo) on the charging case. The case charges in 90 minutes, while the earbuds reach a full charge in an hour.


More features for those tech-loving customers and staff

Some of your customers, staff and prospects might be a bit more selective than others. Those folks need a little something extra to make them smile. And you’ll do that when you hand them one of these innovative, multifunctional ear bud sets. Michelle points out that these models have active noise cancellation, quick charging or other features. And best of all, your brand is printed on the case to create a much-appreciated business gift.

Charging any device takes time, but when they want their tunes now, don’t keep them waiting. Put your logo on the Solekick Quick Charge True Wireless Earbuds, which charge in 30 minutes and then play for up to five hours. And the ifidelity Auto Pair True Wireless Earbuds with ANC has a transparency mode to more easily hear surrounding sounds while the earbuds are in use. When you want, switch to Active Noise Cancellation to block out surrounding sounds. It’s versatile and offers even more value for your marketing dollars.


The tech giveaway for anytime, anywhere

Ear bud giveaways are a modern way to stand out and be remembered by prospects, employees and customers. Tune in to what they need so they’ll keep listening to your brand.