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Posted: July 26, 2018 | Updated: January 05, 2021

There are few struggles more relatable than trying to squeeze one last call, text or email out of a device with a dying battery. The problem is so common that a Google® search for “How can I make my phone battery last longer?” returns more than 100 million results.

Almost 80 percent of adults in the United States own a smartphone, so there’s a good chance many would appreciate ways to boost their battery power. Promotional power banks to the rescue! Offer one of these branded power banks to a customer or employee, and they’ll thank you every time their battery is in the red.


Classic power banks

If you’ve been to an industry trade show or conference, you know how quickly your device can lose its charge. If you’re an exhibitor, make your booth a favorite hangout by offering promotional power banks. The affordable Energize Jr. Portable Power Bank is an excellent choice because you can get more power bank giveaways without blowing your budget. The Rebel Power Bank is the ideal high-end power bank for those who want to charge two devices at the same time. Users can charge two phones or a tablet while keeping track of how much power is left, thanks to the four-light LED battery-level indicator. The Built-in Cable Power Bank Case is the perfect gift for people who like to keep their cables and power bank neat and tidy. It features a built-in cable and a zippered case to help protect the power bank. The Copeland Light-Up Logo Power Bank puts your logo in the spotlight—the imprinted logo lights up when the power bank is in use.


Power bank and charging kits

If your employees or customers are frequent travelers, promotional charger kits can help keep their devices juiced, so they can stay connected. The Ultimate Tech Charging Kit with Power Bank gives recipients the option to charge their device with a power bank or by using the included car charger and 3-in-1 charging cable. The kit is packaged in a convenient carrying case for easy giving. The Brick Power Bank Flashlight Tech Kit provides several charging options with its included wall charger, car charger and power bank. The power bank even doubles as a flashlight, making it an excellent emergency-kit item for the car or home. The Ridge Line Power Bank Tech Kit offers multiple charging options, and the wrist strap on the power bank allows for hands-free carrying. Bonus: This kit also includes a set of ear buds.


Power banks plus

Much the way our smartphones have replaced cameras, calendars and watches, these power banks can help your customers and employees eliminate many items they keep in a bag or on their desk. The Shine On Power Bank, a combination power bank and flashlight, is ideal in case of a power outage. Podcast or music enthusiasts will love the Color Wrap Power Bank with True Wireless Ear Buds. Recipients can charge a device while listening to their favorite podcast or music with the included wireless Bluetooth® ear buds. And the Stylus Pen Power Bank is a jack-of-all-trades for the busy multitasker; it features a stylus, pen, screen cleaner and power bank.


Power banks they’ll become ‘attached’ to

Sometimes all a great product needs is one little bonus feature to really take it to the next level of usefulness. These promotional power banks do just that by making portable power even more convenient. The Cobble Carabiner Power Bank easily clips to a belt loop, purse or bag. The Sidekick Power Bank uses suction cups to stick to the back of a phone or other device. The Swivel Power Bank Keychain attaches to the owner’s keys, making sure they never leave home without it. And the Blend Wireless Power Bank can charge Qi®-enabled devices, eliminating the need to carry extra charging cables.


Juice up your brand with power bank giveaways

With more tablets and phones being sold every day, you can be certain that promotional power banks and promotional chargers will be a welcome gift for any recipient.