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Posted: October 04, 2019 | Updated: January 05, 2021

Throughout promotional product history, the pen has been one of the most popular promotional tools available—and with good reason. Pens are generally inexpensive, easy to store, and effortless to hand out. Besides, everyone can use them!


The challenge is to make sure you hand out the latest, greatest and most eye-catching logo pens out there. We chatted with Stephanie L., a 4imprint merchandiser who specializes in writing instruments, for the top trends in pens. Here are some of her printed pen recommendations.


Soft-touch pens deliver the soft sell

Soft-touch pens, sometimes referred to as having a rubberized finish, are soft to the touch, creating a multisensory experience,” Stephanie said. “They create an elevated feel while still fitting your budget price points.” Soft-touch pens are comfortable to write with and add value to your business gift.

The hot-selling Incline Soft Touch Metal Pen can be screen printed or laser engraved and features an upscale, modern look. Those who prefer gel ink will love the Cali Soft Touch Stylus Gel Pen. It has a textured rubber grip and a stylus on one end. Be sure to look at the Dublin Soft Touch Stylus Metal PenTrek Soft Touch Pen and Flex Soft Touch Pen too.


Smooth as butter: Gel pens glide over paper to impress for less

Pen companies are continually improving their products—and those making the popular gel ink pens are no exception, according to Stephanie. “Many new gel ink formulas dry quicker than the old versions, while gel pen prices are now more comparable to ballpoints than they were before,” she said. You can choose retractable gel pens, like the Bic® Intensity® Clic Gel Rollerball Pen and Curvy Gel Pen; cap-on pens, like the Ruggio Gel Pen; and even one that erases: the Pilot® FriXion Retractable Erasable Gel Pen.


Chameleon finish is good karma for your creative customers

If you’re looking for an eye-catching pen like no other, be sure to look at the new chameleon finish, Stephanie advised. “Chameleon is sometimes referred to as color shift or ChromaColor,” she said. “Iridescent has slightly the same effect, but is a bit more subtle and is normally only on white or lighter colors, while chameleon is on darker colors.” The subtle colors change in the light while moving the pen, much like the colors of an iridescent hummingbird. “It’s something you should see with your own eyes!” she said. Seeing products before you buy is easy. Just click the “Request A Free Sample” button on our website. Great examples of the chameleon finish include our Status Chameleon Stylus PenParksley Chameleon Pen and Illusion Chameleon Pencil. The Element Stylus Pen in Pearl White is an example of the iridescent color. Or get two fun giveaways for one price with a Fidget Spinner Chameleon Pen.


Your name’s in lights with clever light-up logo pens

“Bring functionality and fun together while drawing attention to your logo with light-up logo pens!” Stephanie said. This relatively new technology takes pen imprinting to the next level. A light inside the pen shines through your logo for a truly stunning effect. Batteries are always included with every electronic item 4imprint sells, and these fun-to-give, fun-to-use pens are no exception. Customers and prospects are bound to show these off—and your name will get noticed everywhere. A few examples include the Evantide Light-Up Logo Stylus PenStarlight Light-Up Logo Stylus Twist Pen and Déjà Vu Light-Up Logo Pen.