4imprint, LLC

Posted: April 09, 2019 | Updated: January 05, 2021

Michelle, our merchandising department flashlight guru, showed us some of these fun, affordable giveaways for customers, prospects and staff.

Think logoed lights for camping and vacation trips

A quality flashlight or lantern is a must for camping and travel. Today’s LEDs are ideal for finding the way down a dark trail, playing games after dark, or just hanging out under the stars. Pairing a good flashlight with your branded message is a smart choice. A few flashlights worth considering are the Mega COB FlashlightHigh Sierra® Bright Zoom Flashlight or maybe the Britton Pop Up COB Lantern with Wireless Speaker (yes, it has a built-in speaker!).


Safety flashlights help save the day

Flat tires, deer collisions and other roadside emergencies are bound to occur if you drive long enough. Show you care about your commuters, customers and prospects by giving them one of these safety flashlights—some even have built-in tools for various emergencies. For example, the COB Emergency 3-in-1 Tool includes a glass breaker and a seat-belt cutter. COB (chip on board) flashlights are very popular because they feature multiple-LED panels for maximum brightness and efficiency.


Lighted tools are handy in dark corners

Whether working around the house, in the garage, or under the hood of the family car, a flashlight makes a great work buddy. These clever tools include built-in flashlights, either in the case or the tool handle itself. The Tag Along Multi-Tool is especially compact and would be a perfect giveaway for trade shows, open houses and job fairs. It is easy to store and fits nicely in a pocket or purse.


Key lights are a daily reminder of your brand

It’s hard to imagine a more practical, affordable and useful giveaway than a pocket-sized key light. Trade show attendees will flock to your booth to pick up these practical promos. There are so many styles, shapes and sizes, you’re sure to find one to fit your industry and your audience. Simply put, everyone has keys, and everyone needs a flashlight. And when your business name is on it, they’ll remember you when that flashlight comes through for them. Talk about a bright idea!