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Posted: November 03, 2017 | Updated: January 05, 2021

4imprint merchandising specialist Michelle is always on the lookout for specialized and unique flashlights that carry a business logo in style. Flashlights are always-welcome, always-used gifts that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.


Michelle details a few of her favorite flashlights below, including some new designs:

Chip-on-Board (COB) flashlights offer less glare.

“Let your logo be seen with our COB flashlights. Your customer will appreciate the benefits of an energy-efficient flashlight while illuminating a wider area,” Michelle said. “With a variety of styles and price points, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.” COB lights are bright, but offer more diffused lighting over a wider area with less glare than traditional LED lighting. Since the COB chips can be packed closer together, they take up less space than traditional LEDs.


This further explains the COB technology:



Impress your customers and prospects with these high-tech COB lights. They vary in size from the key ring–sized Pebble COB Flashlight to the campsite-lighting Britton Pop Up COB Lantern. Also, check out the compact Meritt COB Flashlight that’s perfect for a glove compartment or purse, and the Blackhawk COB Flashlight, which combines a front light with a lantern light. Outdoor enthusiasts will love these.


Promote safety programs and practices with these lights.

What better way to promote a safety program at your factory or workplace than with imprinted flashlights? These make great milestone gifts or safety awards, too.

The Stay Safe Multi-Function Auto Light offers a seat belt cutter, window hammer and a multipurpose flashlight. Press one button for a single bright LED, and press the other button to turn on the nine red LED lights that serve as a flashing emergency signal. The LED Roadside Safety Light is a durable aluminum flashlight (laser-engraved with your logo) featuring seven white LED bulbs and six flashing red LED lights, plus a bottom magnet! The Beacon Emergency Roadside Flasher offers nine different flashing modes with its 12 powerful red LED lights to alert other drivers if the car breaks down. The High Sierra® Bright Zoom Flashlight has high, low and flashing light modes to handle a variety of situations.


Bonus 2-in-1 flashlight screwdrivers make handiwork easier.

“These multi-tools are perfect for tasks around the house,” Michelle said. Driving a screw in a dark corner or inside a closet is a piece of cake with these dual-feature tools. What a helpful promotional gift idea for any homeowner! Your business logo on the handle will help them remember where they got this great tool.


The Level Screwdriver Keychain is a pocket-sized tool with a flashlight, Phillips and flat-tip screwdriver tips, and a level for installing shelves, hanging artwork and performing other odd jobs around the house. The Colorblock Screwdriver Kit with LED Light includes six Phillips and flat-tip bits plus a bright light. The Septa 7-in- 1 Screwdriver Flashlight has three each of Phillips and flat-tip and hex key bits that store in the handle. Three LED lights light up their work surface. And the Avalon Screwdriver Flashlight looks like an oversized pen—it even has a handy pocket clip. Inside are six screwdriver bits. Click the button to turn on the LED light. These are easy-to-store, easy-to-ship giveaways, perfect for any trade show or open house.


Holiday light-up gifts bring cheery light to your customers and employees.

What’s more festive than holiday lights? Apply the same theory to your marketing. Light-up promoters are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. From drinkware to giveaways to safety essentials, we’ve got it all. Create a fun, festive company party with light-up tumblers, margarita glasses, jewelry and even fedoras. Make your brand the talk of the trade show floor by giving away blinking sunglasses, light-up pens, round flashing buttons or even yo-yos. Promote wellness with light-up arm bands and reflector lights.

And that’s not all—you’ll find more than 200 fun light-up novelty gifts right here: