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Posted: June 21, 2019 | Updated: January 05, 2021

From exciting reds to calming blues, colors surround us and stir up a variety of emotions. Use the power of color to your advantage when choosing branded giveaways. Check out these ideas and learn how colorful swag can complement (or contrast!) your brand message.


Colors elicit various emotions


Red, yellow and orange can generate feelings of warmth and excitement toward your organization, promoting happiness and action. There’s a reason that a lot of fast food places use those colors in their marketing. If your organization wants its branding to express excitement at a trade show, highlight your table with a Closed-Back Table Throw in red, orange or yellow. Pair it with a branded promotional product, like a Value Grocery Tote, in the same color scheme to capture and stimulate the senses.


On the other end of the spectrum, the cooler colors of blue, purple and green can inspire calmness, relaxation and serenity. For brands focused on health and wellness, a Campfire Ceramic Mug – Colors or a Solid Color Stress Ball in a soothing color can help reinforce your message.


If your branding is more formal, grays, blues and other deep tones convey a modern, powerful message. This color palette can work well for tech and luxury brands.


Create a distinguished look when you outfit employees in “formal” colors. The Van Heusen® Wrinkle-Free Pinpoint Dress Shirt for women or men is the perfect choice. Technology companies can offer an Addi-Ronan Bluetooth Speaker, available in several rich colors, as a high-end branded promotional product for their most-valued clients.


For the ultimate in stark, simple designs, white—with its lack of color and clean vibe—can make almost any logo pop. The Horizon True Wireless Ear Buds with Charging Case is a useful gift that looks great in white, making for a memorable giveaway. A pop of color from your logo provides attractive contrast against a white Bamboo Brio Wicking Polo for men or women.


Vivid shades create a rich, bold impression


When you’re looking to make an adventurous choice, select a vivid color that stands out. Combinations like these give your branded giveaways a bold appearance:

  • Red and purple
  • Red and orange
  • Blue and purple
  • Blue and green
  • Yellow and orange
  • Yellow and green


If you have red logo, contrast it with a purple background to make it stand out when people see it. The Water Bottle Holder with Strap is the perfect colorful giveaway to hand out at an outdoor event.


Combining strong, rich tones—for example, a deep red or blue Clique® Main Stage 1/2-Zip Pullover—with a simple black or white logo gives off a fun, youthful look recipients are sure to enjoy.


Or make your mark with iridescent branded promotional products, like an Iridescent Drawstring Sportpack or Modern Mirror Sunglasses. Both would make a memorable splash in a fashion-forward pop-up shop.


Past trends propel your brand into the future


When you want to create a vintage look, let classic tones from the past be your guide. Evoke nostalgia by selecting colors that remind people of a specific era, whether it’s the energetic look of the 80s or the pastels of the 50s.


A Basic Memo Book – Solid – Pastel and Create A Pencil in pastel tones can bring your customers back to days past. These make great branded giveaways for a vintage clothing store or eatery.


Earth tones, like those popular in the 60s, portray neutrality, reliability and authenticity. An Antigua Reactive Glaze Mug combines earth tones with a rustic look that fits in perfectly at a coffee shop or lounge.


Opposites attract attention (and customers!)


When done correctly—in moderation and with intention—contrasting colors can really make your organization’s message stand out. Think of your favorite sports team. Most teams use two contrasting colors in their branding: one as a main color and the opposite as an accent.


If you’re looking for the ideal color scheme for your brand, knowing which colors contrast best will help your logo pop:

  • Yellow and purple
  • Blue and orange
  • Red and green
  • Yellow-orange and blue-purple
  • Orange-red and blue-green
  • Red-purple and green-yellow


Selecting a swag item with dozens of color options, like a Gildan® Cotton T-Shirt, will make it possible to find the ideal contrasting color for your logo.


So many colors, so many emotions

From young and energetic to calm and collected (and every emotion in between), colorful branded giveaways help your organization tell its tale. With the perfect promo item and choice of hue, your customers will be able to see your story in full color.