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Posted: June 11, 2019 | Updated: January 05, 2021

Stainless steel vacuum bottles are still hot

The popularity of stainless steel vacuum bottles and travel mugs—both in retail and promotional circles—is showing no sign of letting up, according to Mae. “Stainless vacuum is still a very strong trend in drinkware. It has now moved into other shapes and sizes,” she said. “Some of our most popular right now are stemless tumblers and can holders.” People love the sleek look of stainless steel, and it’s easy to clean. Another perk is that vacuum insulation helps keep their beverage hot or cold much longer. Our top-seller right now is the Sherpa Vacuum Travel Tumbler and Insulator. This double-duty drinkware can be used as a tumbler or can insulator.


Etched imprints create a lasting message

Choosing etched drinkware means that your imprint will stay put—no matter how long they keep your drinkware gift item, Mae said. It’s hard to beat the elegance and durability of a laser-engraved or deep-etched logo. Check out the deep-etched Adobe Ceramic Mug and Baristi Ceramic Mug. These classy choices are especially ideal for executive and milestone gifts or awards.


Camper mugs leave their natural habitat

Camper mugs aren’t just for camping anymore—they are migrating from woodsy campsites to big cities and tall buildings, according to Mae. You’ll see them at coffee shops and bistros, too. One restaurant used this style of drinkware to spotlight dried-soup packets. And a well-known fast-food chain used them to hold a holiday gift, Mae said. The Campfire Ceramic Mug is extremely popular. It has that classic retro design. And its 15 oz. capacity makes this mug a perfect choice for their favorite beverage…or even soup.


Earth tones dominate ceramic and travel tumblers

Earth tones and other natural colors are the current trend in ceramic and travel tumblers, Mae explained. Look at the rich, environmental tones that are represented in these mugs and tumblers. What a great choice to kick off a recycling or waste-reduction program at work. Our new Beck Coffee Mug with Cork Base combines the classic mug shape with a nature-inspired cork base to give it a modern look.


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