4imprint, LLC

Posted: May 10, 2024

When your organization needs a brand refresh, but your budget is limited, sharing promotional branded gifts is a savvy strategy. Cost-effective promoters can work as powerful tools to carry your brand’s essence into prospects’, customers’ and employees’ daily lives.


Update your color palette

Color can evoke positive emotions and associations with your brand. If your brand refresh includes an updated color palette, hand out limited-edition sunglasses in your new hue. Encourage recipients to snap a selfie, post and tag your brand using a fun hashtag for a chance to win a gift. Or, when spotted wearing the sunglasses out and about, surprise them with a water bottle that has a full-color magnet tucked inside.

Build internal excitement for your refreshed palette. Unveil the new colors and explain the meaning behind each one. Gift everyone a T-shirt in the new hue to ensure a cohesive branded look and buy-in from the team.

Tweak your logo

Want your logo to better match today’s version of your organization? Leverage crowd-sourced creativity while strengthening community ties by hosting a design contest. Send all contributors a promotional branded gift, like a baseball cap or coffee mug, displaying the winning logo. Props if they tag your brand in a pic with their new merch!

Enhance brand recall and loyalty. Organize a logo launch event and invite customers, community members and local media. Offer a nice spread of food and drink for attendees. Adorn tables in table covers or throws imprinted with your updated logo. Serve drinks in branded cups that people can take home.

Revitalize your brand voice

A consistent tone and voice ensure your messaging resonates with your brand. Create a brand voice guide that can be referenced by the entire team. Help them absorb the new information by making it a game. Incentivize team members to catch discrepancies between the old and new voice. Reward the person who notices the most inconsistencies by giving them a travel mug or tumbler with straw. Slip a gift card to a favorite coffee shop or café inside as an added incentive to participate.

Launch a voice transformation challenge. Encourage employees to create content—like a social media post or mailing—that reflects your updated brand voice. Award the best creators with practical budget corporate gifts, like headphones or wall chargers, along with bragging rights.

Enhance brand experience

Refresh brand perception and enhance people’s experience with your organization. Introduce an augmented reality (AR) experience for customers to virtually interact with your products or services. A home-furnishings brand could allow people to visualize how a piece of furniture would look in their space before making a purchase. Or an aesthetics brand could create an experience that allows people to virtually try hair colors or make-up. Imprint coasters or stickers with a QR code that leads people to the AR experience.

Want to create more personalized brand interactions? Curate gift boxes for VIP clients who make a big purchase or send referral business your way. Slip in a budget corporate gift, like a journal set, imprinted with a link to a video message thanking them for their loyalty. Take the gift box up a level by using a backpack as the container and filling it with other gifts.

Update and stand out

Promotional branded gifts help prospects, customers and team members notice and love your organization’s updated brand. Budget-friendly items make it even easier to promote your new look and feel.