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Three artists holding promotional water bottles based on the design of a city man-hole cover

| Updated: January 28, 2021 2 min read

Swag Master

Artistic promotional water bottles build a better community

Posted: October 01, 2019 | Updated: January 28, 2021 | Erika Ferguson 2 min read

Members of the Madison Heights Arts & Culture Advisory Board found a unique way to support a city-wide initiative using artistically branded promotional water bottles to reduce the use of plastics.

Their approach to raise money, awareness and participation in this community cause is what has earned them title of Swag Master!


Two causes in one

The group wanted to raise funds for arts initiatives around the city of Madison Heights, Michigan. By selling reusable promotional water bottles, it could help two causes at once—raise money for the arts while getting more people to go green.


Promotional products as art

When an artist is told they can imprint anything on a promotional water bottle, expect something amazing. The board vice chair created a crayon transfer of a city manhole cover, and the results were stunning! This Swag Master knows that putting your personal touch on a promotional product can make a huge impact.


Selection is key

It wasn’t just the awesome artwork that grabbed people’s attention. The group made a lot of great decisions when selecting its promotional water bottle. First, it chose a h2go® Surge Aluminum Sport Bottle with features that people love. And then it decided on the vibrant apple green color that would stand out in a crowd. The choices created the perfect combination for fundraiser sales.

h2go surge aluminum sport bottle