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| Updated: December 15, 2020 3 min read

With so many promotional options available, finding your next logoed item a challenge. This quick checklist can help you determine what branded products will work best for your organization and its goals. When selecting your promotional item, ask yourself the following questions:


How will it help people remember my brand?

The first and most important question is always going to be: How does this promo make my brand more memorable? Here are some ideas to make your brand stand out:



What purpose will it serve?

Just because a product grabs attention at an event doesn’t mean it also makes a great thank-you gift. So be sure to take into account exactly why you need a promotional product. Mailable items, like a cleaning cloth or bumper sticker, are ideal for online events. Other times you want to leave a more lasting impression. Welcome new employees to the team with a comfortable hoodie. And show your appreciation for clients by personalizing a thank-you gift. For example, someone who loves coffee will love a coffee press.


What’s new and what’s hot?

Products that are new and hot are sure to make a positive impact for your logo. Go for something trendy or think outside the box for a real attention-grabber. A pair of wireless ear buds or an RPET backpack are sure to impress. With the current health concerns, face masks are sure to be appreciated. So are outdoor coolers, as many people are spending more time outside.


What season is it for?

When picking your next favorite promotional item, it often helps to think ahead to the coming season. For example, are you headed into a sunny and bright season? Or are chilly winds and crisp air coming your way? Choosing giveaways that relate to the seasons can help ensure there’s always something on hand that people will be grateful for. Here are a few seasonal giveaway ideas:

  • Spring means it’s time to hit the links—consider meeting and greeting new clients with golf ball business cards.
  • Share a cool summer message with customers and prospects with a light-up messaging fan.
  • Get customers and leads warmed up for autumn weather with touchscreen gloves.
  • Help customers and employees brace for the cold with a promotional ice scraper.


Cross it off

As you choose your next logoed gift, keeping this checklist close at hand can help you achieve your goals—whether you’re looking to appreciate a favorite customer or help create a new one.