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Promotional product trends

  1. Sustainable products
  2. Tech tools
  3. C-suite gifts
  4. Promotional snacks
  5. Bluetooth® speakers
  6. Accessory bags
  7. Branded drinkware
  8. Promotional toys

Brand awareness is more than your company name and what you do. On a deeper (and more important) level, it’s the feeling people get when they think of your brand. You can further reinforce your brand message and all the feelings that go with it, with the help of promotional products. And these 8 promotional product trends will ensure you’re giving recipients something they’ll hold on to.

In one survey, 57% of respondents said gifts can impact their opinion of a business partner.


Here are trending gift ideas to make sure you leave a positive and lasting impression.


Trend #1. Sustainable products

People care about reducing their carbon footprint. In fact, 78% of U.S. consumers feel better when they buy products produced with sustainability in mind. Show your audience that you share their values by providing reusable bottles for their beverages. This bottle is not only made from recycled materials, but it also helps keep disposable cups out of the landfill.


Trend #2. Tech tools

When you want to give a promo product that’s especially useful, think about high-quality tech accessories. Over half of millennials wake up to check their phones at least once per night, making tech gadgets a fitting gift. A wooden wireless charging pad, with its stylish look, would be a coveted prize for a social media contest.


Trend #3. C-suite gifts

Wow your C-suite executives with a trendy gift that tells a story and facilitates a deeper personal connection (something that 94% of top executives believe is an important part of gift-giving). Show recipients the thought you’ve put into choosing the perfect gift by picking something representative of your business relationship. For instance, a bamboo BBQ set says your relationship is strong and they can count on you.


Trend #4. Promotional snacks

Tasty snacks never go out of style. And they provide a great opportunity to build relationships with the entire group. Send a delicious cheese and meat board to top clients. If charcuteries aren’t their cup of tea, try one of these yummy treats instead:


Trend #5. Bluetooth® speakers

There’s nothing like music to soothe the soul, pump you up or set the right mood. Diamond light-up Bluetooth® speakers can emit just the right vibe with top-notch sound. Send them as a holiday gift to give clients good vibes about your brand.


Trend #6. Accessory bags

When brainstorming trendy promotional ideas , remember to choose something your client will actually use. For those who frequently travel, an accessory bag is a useful option. Make this gift extra special by including a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or restaurant.


Trend #7. Branded drinkware

Just like a good food item is hard to beat, the right drinkware can hit the spot. The average office worker drinks about 1,000 cups of coffee annually. A sleek stemless flute, with its unique shape, is sure to make the “keep” list. And it will help keep their drink hot (or cold) for hours. Send it as a way to toast the close of a big sale—and include a bag of their favorite coffee beans or a bottle of bubbly.


8. Promotional toys

Do your clients work with kids (or have kids of their own)? Or are they giant kids at heart? Toys are a trendy giveaway sure to evoke a smile. Host a virtual game night and offer one or all of these popular promotional toys as a prize for the winning team:


Project the right brand image with gifts

With these eight promotional product trends, you can send a customized gift your client will remember for a long time. From toys to BBQ sets to snacks, there’s something for everyone.


Top takeaways:

  • Brand awareness is about creating the right kind of feeling when people think of your organization
  • 57% of people say gifts can impact their opinion of a business partner
  • Monitoring promotional product trends can help boost brand awareness
  • Sending trendy promotional items that are useful to your client helps ensure your gift isn’t discarded


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