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| Updated: May 10, 2022

Here’s an important question: How much time do think you have to grab someone’s attention with your trade show banner? Ten seconds? Five?

Surprise! The answer is three.

Trying to capture the attention of attendees in such a small timeframe might seem difficult. But with the help of a few simple trade show banner ideas, you’re sure to stand out in a crowd.

Consider your booth space

Before you decide how to maximize your banner space, you’ll need to determine how much room is in your booth. Will you have space for an eight-foot banner at every show? Or does your floor space vary? A floor display that comes in several variations will give you lots of flexibility. You’re sure to find the perfect design for your space—and your budget! Plus, the unique design has a wow-factor that won’t be missed. If your area is limited to your table and a couple of team members, a better trade show sign idea might be a tabletop display. Using a wipe-off surface to spread your message helps you customize the information you can share at each show.

Make sure your images and messaging stand out

Hard-to-read text and dull images could turn your business into a needle in a haystack on the trade show floor. To make sure you’re seen, use colourful, crisp images and concise messaging. Keep in mind that for every foot of distance from your banner, your text should be about one inch taller—for example, a font that’s visible 10 feet away must be around 10 inches tall. A tabletop banner system can help your banner rise above surrounding tables by clamping onto your trade show table. Alternately, you could display or, if allowed, hang a 12-foot banner from the ceiling, giving plenty of room for your marketing visuals and messaging.

Use colour strategically

Colour can complement your graphics and logo or set the mood your company wants to convey. Maybe you’re using the colour green to represent a natural, earthy feeling. Or perhaps your primary brand colour is blue to give off a calming vibe. You can also use contrasting colours to draw attention to your booth from far away. Start with a curved graphic.You can keep all the easy-to-read text at the centre of your display and use contrasting colours around the outside to capture attention.

Graphics tell your story

“A picture is worth a thousand words” says it all when it comes to banner graphics: simple is better. A single picture that features your new product, shows off your logo or demonstrates what your business does is going stick in visitors’ minds. In fact, 40 percent of your banner or sign should be empty—it helps the viewer focus on the content that’s there. If you want to tell a longer story, consider custom trade show displays, like a banner with a literature rack. Intrigued customers can grab your literature to learn more if they don’t have time to talk to someone at your booth.

Banners get seen

With just three seconds to capture the attention of everyone passing by, you’ll need some stand-out trade show banner ideas. Be sure to choose eye-catching colours, make your trade show banners a prominent part of your display, and get ready to meet people. Good luck!