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| Updated: March 17, 2021

Approximately one in three Canadians makes a New Year’s resolution. The most popular goal year-after-year is living a healthier lifestyle. What better way to help your employees achieve their health goals than with a workplace fitness initiative?

Encouraging fitness in the workplace has many benefits, including reduced absenteeism, lowered stress and better productivity. It can also improve job satisfaction, motivation and even quality of sleep. Yet, according to one study, 80 percent of people aren’t ready to take action to better their health. A workplace fitness initiative can motivate them. Help them with these tips and fitness swag.

Let’s get physical

Hold a fitness challenge

A fitness challenge can be a great way to build strong teams (literally and figuratively). Tap into their competitive nature by holding a bike-to-work, kilometres walked or minutes exercised challenge. They can track their progress manually, with a journal, or via a tracking app of their choice. Winner gets bragging rights plus a wellness giveaway like a Bluetooth® fitness tracker or sport ear buds. 

Walk at work

Lunchtime walks and walking meetings are creative ways to fit in physical activity. Encourage employees to be mindful of the number of steps they take each day by providing pedometer watches. Enter those that take the recommended 10,000 steps each day into a prize draw for a set of workout ear buds.

Beat the clock

40 percent of those who don’t exercise cite a lack of time as their number one reason. Whether they feel bogged down with work, travel or family obligations, you can help them win the race against time with fitness swag. For your road warriors, an on-the-go fitness set ensures they can exercise anytime, anywhere. Resistance bands are great for working a variety of muscle groups and can be easily used almost anywhere—including in the office. Consider purchasing bands for each employee.

Make it fun

Nobody wants to exercise if it’s dull and boring. Make fitness fun by organizing a work softball or kickball team. Hold a morning dance party to get their hearts pumping. Or, arrange for a Zumba® or kickboxing instructor to come in after work and exercise with your team.


Help your employees get fit by incorporating physical activity into the workday. Hold a fitness challenge, encourage walking lunches and meetings, make exercise fun and pass out fitness swag to help them achieve their goals. Here’s to a healthier organization in the new year!