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Posted: December 21, 2018 | Updated: January 15, 2023

A new year is right around the corner, and with it comes resolutions for a better life. From saving money to quitting smoking, more than 40 percent of people set goals for the new year. Losing weight and getting in shape are among the most popular resolutions. In fact, of those who set resolutions, almost half (45 percent) choose to improve their fitness and health.

Show clients and employees you care about their health goals with these fitness promotional ideas. Throw in some fitness swag that will help them hit their target and leave a memorable message.


Hold monthly fitness classes

The best way to start working out is by choosing a favorite fitness activity. However, many people may not have a favorite way to get their blood pumping. Introduce employees, or even clients, to new types of exercise by hosting a different fitness class each month. From barre to CrossFit® to spin, invite contacts to join you for a unique exercise class. Classes can be held at the office or at a local workout studio. Bonus: This is a great way to support local small businesses! As a gift for attending, provide a fitness swag item at each class, such as a Tioga Glass Bottle. The wide-mouth opening makes it easy to add ice cubes to keep their water cold. To motivate participants to join multiple classes in a row, provide a fitness promotional item once they attend a set number of classes. The Covert True Wireless Ear Buds with Charging Case makes a great workout accessory, allowing the user to listen to podcasts or music cord-free while exercising.


Start a walking club

Walking provides many health benefits, including improved fitness levels, increased energy and even enhanced memory. Despite the benefits, studies show that the average person is only walking 5,000 – 7,000 steps a day, about 3,000 short of the recommended number. Encourage your employees to boost their step count by starting a lunchtime walking club. Every day, employees can spend time walking together, getting fit while getting to know each other. For those who participate, provide a pedometer so they can track their daily steps. In addition to steps, the Smart Wear Bluetooth® Tracker Pedometer tracks distance walked, calories burned and hours slept. For an easy-to-use tracker, choose the Rock Your Walk Pedometer. This fitness tracker attaches to the wearer’s wrist to count steps, miles and calories burned. Plus, it comes with a set of ear buds.


Share successes

Sticking to a fitness plan is much easier with the support of a friend. In fact, research shows that joining a weight-loss program with friends improves the chances of success. To help your team reach their goals, encourage everyone to share what they hope to gain from a fitness program. Whether it’s walking more, losing weight or simply eating healthier, allow employees to share their successes in a monthly meeting or on a whiteboard in the office. When employees reach their goals, congratulate them with fitness swag. A Fitness Mat with Carrying Case can be used for easy stretch sessions or intense workouts. Plus, the convenient carrying case makes it easy to transport. Recipients will really appreciate the Fitness Hydration Grip. This practical accessory keeps their water bottle, money, credit cards and keys literally at their fingertips while working out.


Plan a healthy meal potluck

If you talk to any fitness expert, they’re sure to mention the importance of a healthy diet along with exercise. Help your team eat healthier by having everyone share their favorite nutritious dish at a company potluck. You can even invite clients to join in on the fun. For the party, ask everyone to make a healthy dish that meets a few requirements, such as including vegetables or being under 400 calories per serving. Then, have everyone vote on their favorite dish. In addition, your chefs can share the recipes so others can make the dishes at home. Thank everyone who shared a recipe with a Portion Bowl. As a prize for the fan favorite, the Ridge Infuser Portion To Go Lunch Set is a great congratulatory gift for the winner. This lunch set comes with a cooler, infusion water bottle, cutlery and three containers for tracking portions.


Help recipients feel healthy and strong with fitness promotional ideas

With these ideas and the help of fitness swag, clients and employees are sure to start the year off on the right foot. Plus, they’ll be reminded of your message with every workout.