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| Updated: February 15, 2023

Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published in February 2017 and has since been updated to incorporate the latest data on employee health and wellness programs.


Starting and maintaining wellness programs at work takes a lot of time and effort, but the benefits are absolutely worth it. Employee wellness programs work when it comes to helping your team make healthier choices. According to Health Harvard Publishing, employees who had a wellness program at work had significantly higher rates of self-reported exercise (70% vs. 62%) and weight management efforts (69% vs. 55%) than those who did not. If you’re looking for a few health and wellness giveaway ideas to promote your workplace wellness program, we offer ideas.

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Health and wellness incentives for meeting goals

When you’re promoting wellness in the workplace, you want to get people’s attention and get them on board with your program. Wellness incentives can help you do that. Employee engagement is most often increased when it’s tied to incentives for participation and meeting goals. Non-cash health and wellness gifts, like tech gadgets they can use at the gym, tools for working out at home, or massage gift certificates to work out sore muscles, make great incentives. A logoed set of earbuds with a handy ID case is just the thing for employees who want to rock out while they work out. Or help them add to their home gym with a Strength Resistance Band Set.

A branded yoga mat, exercise band and dumbbells.


Fitness trackers to make exercise fun

Need a great way to motivate your employees? Give them something that aids them in their quest for fitness. Wearable fitness trackers can help people achieve their fitness goals in many ways, but these tools are underutilized by companies.

According to John Hopkins Medicine, studies show that consistently using a fitness tracker can increase daily steps by more than a mile, especially when a daily goal is established.

Fitness tracker next to a pair of sneakers.

To get people out and about, start an individual or team walking challenge. Give all participants a simple pedometer and have them track how many steps they take in a day, week or month. It’s fun to see how you or your team is doing in comparison with everyone else. Make your fitness tracking challenge even more fun with a wellness prize raffle. Reward winners with fitness trackers that allow them to track steps, distance, calories, and more.


Wellness giveaways to encourage movement

By boosting energy and helping them better handle stress, exercise helps employees stay more productive. That’s great news for everyone.

Woman doing yoga.

Since there are so many ways to be active, there’s sure to be something for everyone. In many areas, cycling is a popular way to get fit. Encourage your employees to bike to work and reward those who do with a gift. An LED bike light tail light will help them cycle safely as the sun goes down.

Yoga is another popular exercise choice for people of all fitness levels and it can help reduce stress and improve mood. Schedule a yoga instructor to visit your business during the lunch hour and invite employees to give it a try. Reward those who do with an exercise mat to encourage them to continue the practice at home.


Kick it up with health and wellness giveaways

By using these health and wellness giveaway ideas, no matter what’s offered by your program, everyone will see the benefits that are delivered each and every day. Keeping your employees fit and feeling fabulous is great for your business and great for your team! Get even more ideas to encourage healthy habits with employee wellness giveaways.