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| Updated: October 15, 2023

Not just for large retailers, same-day delivery can propel businesses of any size beyond their competition. It not only provides a new service for current customers, it can also draw in prospects interested in the convenience. In fact, 61 percent of people are willing to pay more for same-day delivery.

Adding this service can bring in new customers and increase sales, but it will require a shift in your current business operations. Here are a few tips for launching same-day delivery and using small business promotional items to inform current clients and attract new customers.

Start by assessing labor needs

Preparing and packaging orders for same-day delivery will require you to create new processes to meet your customers’ expectations. The timeframe for pulling, packaging and labeling product for same-day delivery will be much shorter than the time it takes for standard shipping.

Strategize a new timeline to have orders ready the same day and determine the training your employees will need to execute it. In some cases, launching your new service may require hiring additional help to get deliveries out the door in time. Test the new packaging and shipping process several times before launch to ensure success once the new service is available.

Work with local delivery companies

For some small businesses, delivering orders themselves might be logistically impossible. If your small business needs to partner with a delivery company, conduct thorough research before deciding on a partner. Things to consider when interviewing local delivery companies include: current customer satisfaction, driver training programs, technology and stability.

Spread the word

Once you’ve built your same-day delivery game plan, it’s time to tell people about it. With current orders, include a small business promotional product and information about the new service. Tech promotional items, like a phone stand or USB car charger, grab a customer’s attention to help highlight the new delivery option. Set up flyers by your store’s checkout and include a small business promotional item, such as a bin of lip balm, to help promote the service.

Pairing small business promotional products with marketing materials can also help attract new customers by highlighting your faster delivery options. Bring your products to local markets or other events and draw attendees with eye-catching promotional items, such as a blinking light  or colorful sunglasses.

Too good to pass up

Introducing same-day delivery to your service offerings is a great way to attract new customers while keeping current customers. More than a quarter of online shoppers abandon their orders due to long shipping waits. Launch a same-day delivery service and incorporate small business promotional items to help minimize those abandoned orders and to interest new customers. With a little planning, your delivery will be up and running in no time.