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The experience you create for your e-commerce customers impacts how they respond to your brand and whether they’ll choose to become long-term patrons. According to survey data, 74% of consumers are loyal to a brand, while 52% of consumers go out of their way to buy from their favorite brands (PDF).

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We offer e-commerce tips for small businesses to wow your customers and gain their loyalty.

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Idea #1: Develop a user-friendly website

Your e-commerce website is a vital component of your customers’ first impression of your business, and it can determine whether they make a purchase. Forty-five percent of customers say the convenience of the purchase is what makes them feel loyal to a brand. A site that’s easy to use from the first click to checkout creates a positive experience. To provide a user-friendly experience, include:

According to Google®, users abandon mobile sites 53% of the time when it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

  • A variety of payment options

Accepting multiple forms of payment provides convenience for the customer.

  • Engaging photos

Connect with customers using eye-catching and relevant visuals.

  • Few or no pop-ups

Pop-ups don’t work well on small mobile screens. Avoid them for a better mobile browsing experience.


Idea #2: Follow through with great customer service

Customer service expectations are high:

51% of consumers expect a response in under five minutes on the phone, and 28% expect the same quick response on live chat (PDF).

Consider these customer service channels so customers can easily contact your brand and quickly resolve issues:

  • Email
  • Mobile messaging
  • Live chat
  • Phone
  • Self-service
  • Social media


If a purchase doesn’t quite go as planned, send a small business promotional product, such as a flash drive, telescopic straw or flower seed packet, as a meaningful gesture to show that your company cares and wants the opportunity to re-earn their trust.


Idea #3: Enhance the customer experience

Research shows 78% of shoppers say expensive delivery is one of their top three complaints when shopping online. Free shipping can provide a better customer experience and encourage repeat business. To impress first-time customers even further, send a small business promotional product, such as a Slider Tin with Sugar-Free Mints or a 2-in-1 Mini Travel Kit, as a thank-you gift.

Your return policy is also a key part of the customer experience and can influence loyalty to your brand. Provide hassle-free returns and include a:

  • Clearly defined, easy-to-find return policy
  • Sufficient return window, such as 60 or 90 days
  • Prepaid return shipping label in the original package


Idea #4: Use social media

Social media is a valuable tool to connect with customers and grow your e-commerce business’s brand awareness. Post content regularly and comment on posts that mention your brand to engage your target audience. You may also grow your customer base by interacting with potential customers who are following your competitions’ accounts, since they have expressed an interest in products or services similar to yours.


Reap the rewards with e-commerce tips for small businesses

Using these e-commerce tips for small businesses, you’ll be able to create a stellar experience for your customers and grow their loyalty to your brand.


Key Takeaways

  • Design a mobile-friendly e-commerce website
  • Deliver prompt customer service
  • Improve the customer experience with free shipping and easy returns
  • Make connections with customers via social media