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| Updated: March 26, 2021

Every year, the National PTA® designates a Teacher Appreciation Week. This year, it is from May 6-10. It is a time to celebrate and recognize those who make a difference in students’ lives. If you’re looking for just the right way to thank your favorite educators, these tips and great teacher appreciation gifts ideas will let your dedicated staff know just how much you value them.


Start with the most important meal

Get Teacher Appreciation Week off to a good start by providing breakfast. Have the event catered or let students or parents volunteer to cook. As an extra thank-you, pass out a Gourmet Trio Collapsible Lunch Box and Clip It Portable Cutlery Set. They perfect for days when teachers are bringing their own breakfast or lunch. The Modern Press Travel Tumbler is another great gift idea for fresh coffee or tea any time they need a pick-me-up.


Provide opportunities for self-care

Teaching is a stressful profession, so a few minutes of relaxation can help your teachers feel appreciated. Bring in a masseuse and let each teacher sign up for a 15-minute chair massage. An Easy Grip Massage Ball is a great teacher appreciation gift that melts away tension whenever they need it. The Aqua Pearls Hot/Cold Eye Mask can help them “chill” out at home.


Give them a night out

Even though teachers might seem like superheroes, in reality they’re just people who could use some time to unwind. Cater in dinner or provide hors d’oeuvres and a useful promotional product for teachers like a Mood Stadium Cup. Or send them to a local sporting event in matching Nike® Performance Vertical Mesh Polo shirts for women and men. The shirts are a fun way to represent your school at the game and in the classroom.


Offer heartfelt recognition

Sometimes the best gifts are the simplest ones. For example, give a Wrapped Edge Certificate Frame with a document that shows off something students love about their teacher. Or a simple Thank you Note Card with a handwritten note from an administrator.


Recognitions shows teachers the love

Teachers are always going the extra mile to bring the best possible education to every student. Use this week and these teacher appreciation gift ideas to let them know how much you appreciate all they do.

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