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| Updated: November 04, 2020 3 min read

Teachers have always had a challenging job, and for the last several months, they’ve been asked to bring their A-game again and again—all while the game keeps changing. To celebrate these outstanding educators, we’ve put together a list of top teacher gifts to show teachers they’re appreciated—whether they’re meeting their classes in-person, online, or a combination of both.


Gift #1: A way to represent their school

Face-to-face or screen-to-screen, teachers want to be able to display their school pride. A T-shirt or polo with the school logo lets them show allegiance for their school whether they’re teaching or running errands.


Gift #2: A way to de-stress

Almost 75% of teachers and 84% of school leaders describe themselves as “stressed.” Giving them ways to de-stress—and providing them with great teacher gifts to help them do so—will help get them through the day’s challenges.

Some of the most common stress reducers include:

  • Getting more exercise and sleep with a sleep mask
  • Setting goals and priorities
  • Practicing relaxation skills with a scented plush bear
  • Spending time with loved ones


Gift #3. Share personal notes

Even though it may sound like a cliché, the best teacher gift is truly one from the heart. On the most difficult days, being able to read notes or see drawings that show how they’ve helped young minds means a lot. Having students, parents or other faculty send thank-you cards will show teachers their work is appreciated.


Gift #4: Give them an experience

Sometimes the best gifts aren’t things—they’re a chance to do something new, fun or useful. Send a gift card to a local restaurant. Or sign them up for online yoga lessons and give them a yoga mat so they’re prepared for class.

You can also send a gift card to rent a movie or get a music subscription to make their down time a little more enjoyable.


Gift #5: Classroom donations

The average teacher spends nearly $480 of their own money on classroom supplies every year. That’s why taking care of classroom needs is such a good gift for teachers. Find out what your teachers need most, whether it’s supply pouches for students in class or colored pencils and other art supplies to engage kids learning at home, and offer them the items that will help fill their needs.


Teachers get an A+

Teachers are working overtime to make sure every student is getting the education they need to succeed. Show them gratitude with a top teacher gift.