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| Updated: January 18, 2021

When teachers feel appreciated, it shows. Employee appreciation has been proven to increase job satisfaction and happiness. Almost 90 percent of people say that feeling appreciated at work makes them happier overall and prouder of the work they do. Throughout the year, take time to thank teachers with a thoughtful gift they will enjoy. Try one of these teacher giveaway ideas to thank educators for a job well done.

Teacher giveaways every educator will appreciate

Personalized gifts that pay off

When gifts are personalized to the likes of the recipient, the thoughtfulness of that gift is taken to the next level. Gifts tailored to individual teachers show that you know them well, care about them and appreciate having them on the team. Asking questions about their families, how they spend their time off, and getting to know them at team-building events are great ways to discover what type of personalized gift a teacher might appreciate. If they enjoy music, gift them a nice set of headphones. If they spend their time cooking, find a useful kitchen gadget. The options are truly endless when you make an effort to get to know someone personally.

Promote wellness with a health giveaway

Show teachers their well-being is a priority with a useful giveaway that encourages a healthy lifestyle. Create a fun competition among teachers by tracking daily steps with a pedometer. Not only will this idea get teachers up and moving, but it will also create an engaging challenge among colleagues. Giveaways, such as a water bottle or hand sanitizer, can be used regularly, providing a daily reminder of your appreciation.

Offer an opportunity to relax

Everyone enjoys the chance to unwind after a long day, week or even semester. Encourage teachers to kick back and relax with teacher appreciation giveaways. Schedule a masseuse for a day to give massages to all the teachers. Pair the massage with a thoughtful take-home gift, such as essential oil or a candle, to help them relax. These soothing gifts will leave recipients feeling refreshed, appreciated and ready to tackle another day.

Give the gift of time

There are never enough hours in the day to cross everything off the to-do list. Offer to help teachers prepare for their lessons, make copies or handle any other task they need completed. Not only will it benefit them, but it also provides a good opportunity to get into the classroom and spend time with the educator.

Say thanks with gift cards

Gift cards are popular and well-loved gift items. In the past five years, annual sales of gift cards have grown by almost $50 billion. They are predicted to hit $160 billion in sales next year. Considering their popularity, it’s hard to find someone who wouldn’t enjoy receiving one. Package a gift card in an attractive holder for a simple and useful teacher appreciation giveaway.


Great teachers deserve great gifts

Teacher appreciation giveaways show educators how much you value their hard work. That, in turn, increases job satisfaction and happiness levels. Use these teacher giveaway ideas as thank-you gifts for your top-notch educators.