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| Updated: March 05, 2023 3 min read

Individual donations play a crucial role in helping many nonprofits achieve goals and stay on track financially. You can help strengthen relationships with donors by recognizing them for their generosity and showing appreciation with donor thank-you gifts.


Reassure donors that you received their contribution

Sending a gift is a polite way to reassure supporters that their donation was received. This can be especially helpful for donors who submitted their gifts online or through the mail without speaking to a person at your organization. A handwritten thank-you card can go a long way toward helping supporters know that their gift was received, processed and appreciated. This also gives you an opportunity to include a gift receipt in the card.


Show gratitude for generosity

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and supporters of your nonprofit are no different. In fact, personally thanked donors may feel a stronger sense of connection to your organization, which can increase the likelihood of continued support. Take your appreciation up a notch with donor gift ideas, like a mini cookie gift tote or mug blossom kit. Your nonprofit supporters are sure to feel the love and know their support is valued when they open their gift.


Make them feel special for giving

Donor thank-you gifts can help supporters feel like part of an exclusive club, especially if the gifts aren’t available anywhere else. A long sleeve T-shirt, cotton twill cap or coffee mug imprinted with your nonprofit logo are classic gifts that can help spread the word about your organization. If you have donors who give at leadership levels, send a premium gift, like a folding camping chair or laptop backpack. Promoting the premium gifts in an email newsletter or on your website can entice donors to give at higher levels.


Solidify your relationship for the future

Perhaps most importantly, thanking supporters can help build lasting, meaningful relationships for the future. Donors who feel an affinity for a particular organization may help spread awareness through word of mouth, volunteer at events, continue financial support or donate needed items, all of which can be hugely beneficial for any nonprofit. Donor thank-you gifts with your logo can serve as a constant reminder of your organization to keep your mission top of mind and renew excitement.


Build stronger connections with donor thank-you gifts

Show gratitude and reassure supporters with donor thank-you gifts that make them feel special and increase the likelihood of future giving.