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| Updated: March 18, 2021 3 min read

Before people become donors, they must go on a journey of discovery—learning who you are, what you do, and why they should support your mission. These tips and nonprofit promotional products can help you guide that journey, bringing potential supporters from discovery all the way to advocacy.


Create awareness

In order for people to donate to your cause, they have to know your organization exists. Use these two forms of marketing to get your name out there:


Pull marketing encompasses social media, website keyword optimization and other methods that make it easier for donors to locate your organization when they’re looking for you.


Push marketing includes the use of paid advertising, trade shows, cold-calling, direct mail, promotional products and other efforts where you approach potential donors.


When reaching out to potential supporters, a nonprofit giveaway, like a pen imprinted with your website, makes it easy for them to find you online to donate later. Become more memorable by using a themed item. For example, if your organization is committed to helping the environment, a mailer with embedded seeds creates a connection to your mission.


Offer plenty of information

Before donating, most supporters will want information about your organization—for instance, they’ll want to know who will be receiving help and where their dollars will end up. Information they’ll look for during this discovery phase includes:

  • Success stories: Firsthand accounts that demonstrate your organization’s impact.
  • Testimonials: Donor stories that explain why they support you.
  • Annual reports: Stats, stories, charts, graphs and financial information that demonstrate your charitable accomplishments.
  • Videos: Stories from donors, thank-you messages from recipients, and other creative, high-impact content.


Make it easy to donate

When donors are ready to contribute to your cause, make sure it’s easy for them.


Be sure to have a “Donate” button in the upper-right corner of every web page. Bonus tip: Include an option create recurring gifts. This single change can boost donations by 190%.


If you’re collecting funds in-person—at an event or expo, for instance—be sure to offer an option to donate via credit card. Mobile swipe devices, payment apps and other methods ensure that anyone who wants to contribute is able to.


Show gratitude

Without your organization’s supporters, your valuable work would cease to exist—so be sure to show gratitude. Thank online supporters with an email or phone call. Then follow up with a personalized thank-you card and an easy-to-mail nonprofit giveaway, like a magnetic bookmark.


Help them share your cause

Once their online donation is made, the donor journey may be complete—but it doesn’t have to end. Add a “Share” option so supporters can help others walk the donor journey. An online store that sells branded shirts, mugs and other nonprofit promotional products can provide supporters with another simple way to spread the word.


A step in the right direction

Supporting the donor journey from discovery to donation increases the chance you’ll connect with your advocates. By offering nonprofit promotional products and making it simple to support your cause, you’ll be able to continue—and spread—the important work you’re doing.