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How to discover individual strengths and develop a strong team
Unfortunately, minimal recognition at work has become the norm.In a recent Gallup® Business Journal poll, 65 percent of people indicated they received no recognition for the good work they completed last year. Making lack of appreciation the number one reason people leave their jobs. Most agencies, like yours, probably can’t afford to lose skilled workers and go through the hiring process again and again. So, ensure that your employees are recognized and appreciated at your workplace.

Professional goal achievement
Wins happen all the time, but consider a thoughtful approach to providing special recognition when an employee reaches a professional goal, like a promotion or added skills. It motivates staff to set professional development plans and provides your agency with a culture of constant improvement—a “win-win.”

Here are a few ideas to celebrate:

  • For a promotion, hang a congratulatory banner, along with treating the team to lunch to let that employee know how valued he or she is.
  • Employees that add to their skill sets should also be recognized to encourage a culture of learning and growth. Offer the book Expect Success that showcases words of wisdom from bold and innovative leaders.
  • Staff that go back to school, adding another degree to their resume, deserve a unique thank you, such as an artistic plaque or digital frame that captures their special achievement.

Project completion
Don’t forget to recognize teams as well. Their hard work and effort are likely the “needle movers” for your organization.

  • For projects completed on time and on budget, call a timeout to say “thank you” with gift boxes filled with edible goodies.
  • Long-term projects need mini-celebrations at key milestones to keep the energy and excitement strong for the project’s duration. Consider giving flowers or a plant that will bring a smile to team members’ faces.
  • Send an all-office email thank you and appreciation for the team’s efforts… calling out each person’s role and achievements.

Additional responsibilities
Those on your team that go “above and beyond” by taking on additional responsibilities should be thanked publicly, too.

  • Whether they are mentoring, putting in more hours or leading an initiative, these high achievers will appreciate the attention of a thank you. Offer appreciation through your inter-office communications or a more personal “good job” with a favourite breakfast delivery (we prefer black coffee and whole wheat bagels).

Recognition isn’t hard… but clearly it is overlooked. If you adopt it into your agency’s culture and make a point to actively encourage staff to appreciate and reward each other, their attitudes, motivation and productivity will undoubtedly increase!

Kannry, Lauren. New Book Shows How Positivity Increases Productivity. Gallup Business Journal, n.d. Web. 17 Jan. 2013.

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