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In a world of digital clocks, pinging notifications and tight schedules, a physical calendar stands out. Sixty-two percent of people own a promotional calendar. And calendar giveaways are sure to leave a positive impression month after month (literally)—around 850 brand impressions, to be exact.

Every time someone glances at the calendar with your logo on it, they’ll be reminded of your brand and your thoughtfulness. We offer a few calendar giveaway ideas.


Aesthetic wall calendars

Besides being functional, a wall calendar makes a nice-looking visual statement. With the right design, a wall calendar can spruce up your clients’ or employees’ workspace—and make their space feel more personal.

A Dry Erase Weekly Calendar is a convenient gift that stands the test of time. By creating a “framed” calendar wall, clients can use their whiteboard calendar to transform a plain space into a creative work of art. They can simply place the whiteboard calendar in the middle and then frame it with their favorite photos or decor.

Wall calendars are also a great way to personalize gifts based on individual clients’ hobbies, interests or their industry. From a spiral muscle-car calendar to a beautiful golf calendar, it’s easy to make clients feel like you know them well.

Convenient pocket calendar giveaways

Not only do weekly calendars have room for jotting notes and contacts, a Classic Weekly Pocket Planner makes scheduling easy. A branded pocket calendar/planner is a great leave-behind gift. Clients can use it every day, which means they’ll be getting daily impressions of your brand.

A Color Thread Monthly Planner is a colorful way to stand out to clients. Consider slipping a pocket planner into online orders as a surprise gift. For employees, a professional-looking weekly desk planner can be a great holiday gift. Along with your calendar giveaways, consider offering a few time-management tips, like:

  • Creating time limits for projects
  • Setting alarms and reminders
  • Weeding out insignificant tasks

“Sticky” magnetic calendars

Stick in your clients’ minds when your brand sticks to their fridge. Or metal filing cabinet. Or any other metal object. A waving flag calendar magnet is easy to hand out to new customers who visit your store. For a little surprise gift that helps boost team loyalty, give staff a seashell magnetic calendar.

A magnetic peel-and-stick calendar also works well as a special something that makes a positive impression. These handy magnetic calendar giveaways are perfect for trade shows, parades, seminars and other events.


Handy desk calendars

If you want to boost social media engagement, offer the Norman Rockwell calendar as a contest prize. It features beautiful images of his paintings for your clients to enjoy each month. For a chance to win the calendar, people can enter their own paintings (or stick drawings!). You can even have categories: abstract, landscape, people, animals and more.

A full-color desk calendar or desk pad calendar make a great employee thank-you gift. Use it to reward team members who are always on time and manage their schedule well. A desk calendar reward can also motivate other team members to practice good time-management skills.

For a trade show or conference giveaway that keeps you top-of-mind, a stylish crescent desk calendar fits the bill. It’s a great way to “go home” with your leads, so they remember you long after the event is over.


Create favorable impressions that last with calendar giveaways

Calendar giveaways work well for everything from contest prizes to employee appreciation gifts. And you’ll create positive, long-lasting brand impressions with everyone you meet.