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Posted: August 21, 2018 | Updated: January 04, 2023

Many people would be surprised to learn that paper calendars are not just surviving—but thriving—even in the age of smartphones and the internet. Sales of paper planners, appointment books and calendars went up substantially as recently as 2016. What’s more, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute® (PDF), consumers will usually hold on to a promotional calendar all 12 months of the year, with 76 percent of consumers displaying them prominently in their offices or homes.

What does this mean? Unique promotional calendars are a great way to get eyes on your brand.


Small promotional calendars

Make your customers’ lives easier by sending out small promotional calendars. The most compact ones can easily be slipped in the mail. Include an end-of-year “thanks for your business” note to make the gesture even more personal. Simple planners can become a customer’s go-to source for staying on task. The Business Card Calendar keeps your business information close in their wallet or purse. The Magnetic Peel-n-Stick Calendar clings to a refrigerator or other magnetic surface to help keep your logo in view all year. The slim Monthly Pocket Planner – Standard – Opaque is designed to slip easily into a pocket, purse or bag, while leaving adequate space to fill in appointments and other important events. The Ace Desk Calendar has a leatherette base that creates a professional look, and its compact at-a-glance layout won’t take up much space on their desk.


Promotional wall calendars

For customers who want easy-to-view and easy-to-write-on calendars, the classic promotional wall calendar holds a lot of appeal. Plus, wall calendars come in so many varieties that the choices are nearly endless. If you want to offer the work of a classic artist, the Saturday Evening Post® Norman Rockwell Calendar offers 13 Norman Rockwell paintings, each filled with the charm of small-town life. The National Geographic® Wildlife of the World Calendar is the perfect promotional product for a zoo or children’s museum, with 12 months of gorgeous photography featuring animals from all over the world. The Motivations Calendar offers monthly inspiration to help keep associates and customers working toward their goals. When you want to lighten the mood, the Family Life Funnies Calendar is sure to make them smile.


Giveaway calendars with a little something extra

Looking for a unique promotional calendar that offers bonus material? Check out these options that provide a little something extra. The Almanac Wall Calendar is designed for outdoor enthusiasts. It includes weather information, sunset and sunrise time, and indicates the best fishing days. The Moments in Motion Desk Calendar is designed for tech lovers. They can use a free app to scan each image with their smartphone, bringing the calendar’s photos to life. The Coloring Desk Pad Calendar With Corners features a black-and-white drawing on every page, letting the user de-stress with some simple coloring therapy. And for those who want an excuse to celebrate every day, the National Day Wall Calendar lists a national holiday for every day of the year.


Helpful calendars for office use

Employees and customers will appreciate multipurpose giveaway calendars. The Dry Erase Weekly Calendar is a great way manage project deadlines or events and holidays that might affect workflow. The Wave Calendar – Scenic is an excellent option for future planning, since it shows six months on each side. And the Deluxe Scenic Desk Pad has a clear vinyl pocket for storing important notes or business cards.


Unique giveaway calendars make every day easier

Paper calendars are here to stay, and your employees and customers will love every one of these unique promotional calendars, whether they put them on their desk, hang them on their wall, or tuck them into a pocket or purse. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one to display your logo every day of the year