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Posted: August 25, 2017 | Updated: January 07, 2021

We live in a digital era, yet most people still prefer paper calendars to digital calendars for keeping track of dates and appointments. Calendars have the longest staying power (PDF) of all promotional items, making them the perfect choice. After all, your name and messaging will be in front of recipients for an entire year. Three out of four people (PDF) who have calendars say they are displayed in a prominent location in their home or office, which means they are seen often. Consider these calendar options to deliver brand impressions every day of the year.

Promotional calendars for the office

Calendars are an essential tool because they are referenced multiple times a day.  Promotional calendars for the office will put your brand front and center. Go big by putting your name on a desk calendar like the Coloring Desk Pad Calendar. Customers can easily track appointments with the leather Timeplanner Weekly Calendar. The Repositionable Monitor Calendar sticks on a computer monitor for easy date reference. Take a promotional wall calendar to the next level with the Commercial 14-Month Wall Calendar with 3-Month View.

Promotional calendars that can be used year after year

Calendars can be used beyond the traditional 365 days. The Perpetual Calendar never expires. Customers simply move the colored window to line up the first of each month with the correct weekday, and the calendar works year after year. Estimating project timelines is easy with the Weekly Swivel Calendar. Point the arrow a project’s start date and then calculate the deadline based on how many weeks the project is expected to take. The Removable Monthly Calendar Decal is laminated so they can write on it with dry-erase markers. It comes in many patterns, including trellis and bursts.

Stand out with unique promotional calendars

While calendars seem straightforward, thinking outside the box can help you leave a distinct impression. The Chalkboard Appointment Calendar is sure to be enjoyed by recipients. They can jot down memorable quotes or list what’s for dinner. Customers can easily check the date while writing with a Banner Pen with a calendar wrapped around it. Your logo will really stick around with the Peel-N-Stick Calendar. Get three-dimensional with a stand-up calendar. The Pop Up Calendar has a unique design, making it easy to flip between months.

Small calendars can make big impressions

Sometimes bigger isn’t always better. Small calendars are memorable and easy to transport. The Business Card Calendar turns your business card into a calendar that fits in a wallet. Recipients will appreciate the convenience and hold on to the card. For a more durable version, choose the Plastic Calendar Card. Customers will appreciate the space-saving design of the Matchbook Desk Calendar. It has a handy cover that flips over to become a stand. For a small, simple promotional calendar, try the Monarch Desk Calendar. It puts your logo in view year round.

From promotional wall calendars or desk calendars to unique calendars in an array of shapes and sizes, we’ve got calendar promotional products sure to please anyone on your list.