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| Updated: October 05, 2021 3 min read

Giving gifts is a great way to show your clients how much you care. It helps clients feel special and honoured. More than 60% of companies send gifts to their clients.Holiday themed gift bag next to a laptop

Around 59% of people say one of the best ways a business can interact with them is through surprise offers and gifts. So how can your gift stand out and make a lasting impression? We offer the best holiday gift ideas for clients.
A table with a gift box, gift basket filled with snacks, poinsettia and coffee gift bag on it.

Give gifts that give back

Sometimes, the most memorable gifts are those that give back. Offer to donate to your client’s charity of choice. This shows your brand is thoughtful and caring. Clients even prefer businesses that support charities. In fact, 85% of people view a company more positively when it supports a charity they like, and 80% of people are likely to switch brands to one that supports a good cause.

Send a snack

A tasty gift is an impressionable gift.

7 in 10 people said they’re much more likely to be impacted by a food gift than an item.

This holiday, put a twist on your gifts by sending clients a “snack series.” Kick off on Monday with a small treat bag. A mid-week pick-up treat could be a desk caddy with almonds. And to celebrate the upcoming weekend on Friday, you can’t go wrong with a popcorn tin.

Go green

Greenery and flowers help soothe and refresh workspaces while making people smile. Consider giving a daisy planting kit to spruce up your clients’ offices or cubicles. Or gift clients a plant starter kit they can plant in their own back yard. Every time clients see their plant or tree, they’ll be reminded of your brand.

Energize with coffee

The rich smell of coffee can bring joy to anyone. Around 62% of people drink coffee every day while the average person drinks about three daily cups. So, a gift of coffee is sure to be appreciated. For your best clients, a coffee press tops the list. Every morning when they brew a delicious cup of coffee, they’ll have positive thoughts of your brand.

Or consider giving all your clients a coffee station set up. Give your favorite ground coffee with a with a Coffee Scoop and a mug. Clients who need their daily cup of joe will be grateful for your brand time after time.

Make long-lasting impressions

By choosing the best holiday gift ideas for clients, you’ll be thought of fondly long after the holidays are over. Whether soothing or functional, your gifts will make a positive impression that keeps you top-of-mind.


Key Takeaways:

  1. Offer to donate rather than give a physical gift
  2. Send multiple snacks throughout a week
  3. Refresh clients’ spaces with plants
  4. Provide a caffeine fix