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| Updated: November 16, 2022

Giving is better than receiving, especially for businesses looking to build, maintain or strengthen relationships. Despite the cost, the benefits of a party and giving business holiday gifts far outweigh the expense. Even for small businesses, having gifts at your holiday party is a great way to thank customers for their business and show employees you appreciate their hard work. Hosting a holiday party for employees and clients offers more than a cheerful way to celebrate a successful year.

Holiday parties help create a positive work culture within your organization and help you get to know your employees (and customers) better. A party is also a way to show gratitude to staff and clients and boost employee morale. And, giving corporate holiday gifts at your party is one special way to leave good feelings with staff. What’s more, giving gifts motivates employees, makes them work harder and shows them they’re valued.

A man and woman colleague exchanging a holiday gift


Corporate gift ideas for clients

If you’re throwing a holiday party for your clients, wrap up some great gifts that will create a memorable party experience and a lasting brand impression. The perfect business holiday gifts not only reinforce your brand but can also set you apart from the competition and highlight your company’s values. It also demonstrates generosity and that you care about your clients.

A gift basket with a hand-written card is a thoughtful corporate holiday gift idea that can be given at a party or delivered in person. The Gourmet Candy Box includes an irresistible mix of 15 chocolates, truffles and sweets in a beautiful customizable box. The Slate Cheese Board, with its removable slate cutting board and bamboo tray, is a functional and elegant kitchen accessory that’s sure to be used at every party.

Client gifts that top the charts

Writing instruments and coffee mugs are among the top 11 most searched for promo products in Canada. If your customers would enjoy a writing instrument for a holiday gift, try the Sutton Twist Metal Pen. It’s an elegant choice available in either chrome, rose gold or gunmetal. Or gift clients a Rotondo Coffee Mug designed with a glossy white interior and your company logo.

A festive red and green pen and mug with bows.


Business holiday gifts for employees

Nearly 70 percent of people say they work harder when their employer shows appreciation. Giving thoughtful gifts at your company holiday party is a wonderful way to take the time to show gratitude to your team.

Holiday wreath with lights and a red bow at the bottom

If you’re looking for business gift ideas, think about what your team uses daily. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, just about everyone uses a smartphone. Consider one of these phone accessories for your corporate holiday gift. Perfect for a desk or bedside table, the Elevate Desktop Phone Stand is designed with wire feed-through ports for simple charging. The Textured 3-in-1 Charging Cable is another useful gift idea.


Seasonal gifts to spread office cheer

Are you searching for a seasonally-themed corporate gift idea? Tuck an app store gift card in a Stocking Ornament for an adorable gift that keeps on giving. Or hang Sun Catcher Ornaments near office windows during your holiday party for a festive look that will later double as a gift. Employees will spread the holiday cheer, along with your logo, when they hang these ornaments on their tree at home.


Get in the holiday spirit with business holiday gifts

From small tokens of appreciation to large baskets, business holiday gifts are the perfect way to commemorate the holiday season. Pair a fun gift with your holiday party for an investment that is sure to pay off. For more on holiday gift-giving, check out our blog post on the season’s best holiday gift ideas for clients.