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| Updated: March 21, 2022

Whether you’re planning a tradeshow booth, wedding reception or employee appreciation event, attendees appreciate a snack. Branded edible giveaways are more diverse than ever, with new flavors and options to feature your logo on the packaging or the food item itself. Here are just a few ideas.


Branded candy and snack giveaways

Our Tasty Treats – Dark Chocolate Almonds are the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

Tasty Treats – Dark Chocolate Almonds


Choose from small, individually portioned branded candy and snack giveaways or a larger-sized Goody Bag – Chocolate Sunflower Seeds for sharing with friends.

Goody Bag – Chocolate Sunflower Seeds


Want to leave a more lasting impression on your customers and guests? Choose our longer-lasting Snack Attack Jar – Chocolate Buttons. When your customers put this candy jar on their desks, your logo and message remain within reach day after day.

Snack Attack Jar – Chocolate Buttons


And while logoed candy jars are a classic giveaway, quick-peel snack cups provide a quick way to share your story. The Snack Cup – Skittles® is one example. (These popular edible giveaways are available in a wide variety of flavors, including Peanuts, Trail Mix, Jelly Beans, Almonds and more.)

Snack Cups – Skittles


Pre-packaged candy giveaways in a plastic serving cup make a convenient, affordable giveaway for team events, holiday stocking stuffers or party favors. Give everyone attending your team’s end-of-season banquet a snack cup as a thank you for great teamwork. Or, stack the snack cups at an annual meeting or company picnic and you’ll see customers or employees grab and go.


Imprinted edible giveaways

For the ultimate way to put your message in your customers’ hands, add your logo to the candy itself. Edible ink imprints ensure your message won’t be missed.

Check out the Personalized Candy Treat Cups – Chocolate Mints. They’re the perfect edible giveaway for any chocolate lover. Best of all, they’re available in individually wrapped or bulk sizes, giving you the flexibility to hand out pre-packaged items, package them yourself or create mass displays that make a statement on their own.

Treat Cups – Chocolate Mints


From salty to sweet, branded snack and candy giveaways are memorable, much-appreciated gifts. Your company can use these edible giveaway ideas to give people a wonderful taste of your brand!


Suzanne Worwood

Suzanne Worwood

Suzanne Worwood is VP of Merchandising and has been with 4imprint for 22 years. Inspired by the retail environment and her own world travels, Suzanne writes about all things product: trends, uses, colors, designs.

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