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| Updated: September 05, 2023

Taking steps to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint and become more eco-friendly isn’t just good for the environment; it can benefit your workplace culture. One study found that employees at eco-friendly companies were 16 percent more productive than those at more traditional companies. According to another survey, “employees [who] felt their employers were socially responsible were happier with their jobs.”

There are many ways to help the Earth, and every little bit counts. These tips, coupled with ideas for environmentally friendly gifts, can jump-start your efforts to go green with your workplace.

Go paperless

The average U.S. office employee goes through a whopping 10,000 sheets of paper each year. Look for ways to reduce this waste. Store files digitally on a server or hard drive instead of printing them. Provide employees with USB drives for files that need to be taken on the go. Scan and email documents instead of printing and faxing. When you do have to print, choose the “duplex” option to use both sides of the paper. Make the most of phone calls, instant messages and emails. Train employees on Pages or Microsoft Word® and provide tablets for notetaking during meetings.

Reduce waste

Creating plastic utensils, paper plates, disposable lunch bags, foam cups, straws and even condiment packets uses up precious energy and resources. Plus, they take up an incredible amount of space in landfills. Choosing reusable cups, bags, plates and cutlery is an easy way to make a difference. Provide each employee with an environmentally friendly gift like a lunch kit that comes with a reusable water bottle, lunch container and cutlery set. Stock the shelves with chalkboard mugs and reusable plastic tumblers with straw—they are great alternatives to paper cups and disposable water bottles. Promote recycling and, depending on your location, you may even be able to make your own compost bin for food scraps and coffee grounds. Reduce package waste by buying creamer, sugar and other condiments in bulk and providing them for staff to use in the break room.

Promote alternative modes of transportation

Three in four people drive to work alone each day. Promoting the use of alternative modes of transportation, such as carpooling, public transit or park and rides, can significantly cut down on greenhouse gases and emissions. About half of the U.S. population lives within 5 miles of their workplace, so encourage walking and biking when possible. Discuss the benefits and hold a workplace-wide challenge where everyone takes an alternative mode of transportation at least one day a week. Enter those who participate in a prize drawing for a commuter backpack  or bike light.

Explore telecommuting

The ability to telecommute is a highly sought-after employee benefit, and with it comes some environmental perks, too. Not only does working remotely take cars off the road, it can also help some offices reduce their energy consumption. Fewer employees in the office means less lighting, heating and cooling. Teleconferencing with online meeting tools or instant messaging can reduce the need for in-person meetings. Be sure employees have the necessary tools for success. A great pair of wireless ear buds ensures they don’t miss a thing on those conference calls. And a power bank will keep them fully charged even when they’re on the go.


Whether you’re trying to go paperless, reduce waste or lower the number of cars on the road, your efforts can make the Earth, and your employees, happier. Use one or all of these tips, plus some environmentally friendly gifts, and you’ll soon see big changes. Good luck!