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| Updated: March 25, 2021 3 min read

Did you know the federal government spends a whopping $1.3 billion per year on paper? What’s more, paper printing costs an additional $440 million annually.

The benefits of a paperless agency aren’t limited to cost savings alone. According to Iron Mountain, digitizing processes can also improve employee morale, workflow and response times. With these tips and government promotional product ideas, you can dive into the digital age. Here’s how:


Improve employee morale

According to the Iron Mountain article linked above, many government processes are still reliant on paper documents that can hinder productivity, which decreases employee morale. With digital files, there are fewer handoffs. That leads to improved workflow—and more time to deliver quality public service.



As Iron Mountain also mentions, those working in paper-intensive agencies can spend upwards of 40% of their time trying to locate documents? And 7% of documents get misfiled or, worse yet, lost? Digital documents are always available, and with an excellent electronic filing system, they can be quickly located too.


Quicker response times

Going paperless not only improves workflow, it shortens response time. Imagine how happy your constituents will be when they can request a form or document and receive it the very same day! Digital documents are easily emailed, eliminating the need for an in-person visit to your agency—or the wait that comes with delivery via regular mail.


If your agency is ready to take the digital plunge, here are some tips to get you started

Up to speed

Get everyone up to speed on your new paperless processes with training on software, procedures and compliance. Cover everything from file-naming conventions to accessibility and sharing limitations to security. Encourage participation with useful training giveaways, like lanyard USB drives and stylus pens.



Employee and constituent buy-in are a must if you want digitization efforts to be successful. Demonstrate how going paperless can make your employees’ jobs easier. Post fun facts on your intranet or in your employee newsletter (think stats on time savings and employee satisfaction). Poll your stakeholders to find out what processes or services they’d like to see digitized. And reward constituents who choose digital options over paper ones. A prize drawing for a premium gift, like this smart writing set, makes a great incentive.


Lead by example

Make sure each department or agency head leads by example. Set goals for each department or branch. For instance, reduce the amount of paper in recycling bins. Or have a certain percentage of documents in electronic format by year-end. Reward those who meet their goal with a prize. Touch-screen memo pads or smart stand scribblers are great paperless promotional product ideas.


Whether you’re new to a paperless office or on your way to being fully digitized, these tips and government promotional product ideas can get you moving in the right direction.