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| Updated: January 08, 2021

Travel is a part of doing business in today’s global economy. In fact, Canadian business travellers average more than 35 million trips every year. That’s a lot of miles—especially given that about 2.5 million of those trips are international.

Traveling international can be intimidating for first-timers, and even those who are experienced travelers can benefit from a smoother experience. We found four tips to help your international travelers—and some swag to ensure their journey is more comfortable.

International travel done right

Paperwork essentials

When staff members are planning to travel internationally, they’ll want to make sure all necessary paperwork is current. Passport expiration dates should be at least six months out, and there should be two to four blank pages available. Necessary visas should be obtained early. Provide them with a travel organizer so they can keep all necessary documentation in one place. And encourage employees to back up (and carry) their documents on a USB. A USB/light combo is great for file storage and for reading on a dimly lit plane. It is also recommended that travellers share their itinerary, and copies of their documents, with a family member or friend.

Comfort items

International flights can get long. And about 65 percent of international business people travel in coach. Staff can make the most of their space with must-have travel items, such as a travel pillow and eye mask for sound sleep. Add a pair of foldable headphones for long flights so they can tune into a movie or tune out ambient chatter.

Tech requisites

There’s nothing worse than having a low-battery signal during a flight. Provide employees with a power bank to ensure they stay fully charged wherever they go.

Bags not baggage

Finally, help your staff take a load off by providing travel-friendly bags. A Travel Waist Pack  is the perfect alternative to a bulky purse or handbag—and it allows for hands-free travel. Rolling, expandable luggage  will hold everything they need (it’s checkpoint friendly, too). Make sure to brand with your logo and some unique luggage tags to make bags easy to spot.


International travel is easier with these helpful tips. Throw in some travel swag for added comfort, then sit back and relax until you reach your destination.