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| Updated: August 30, 2022

Indoors or outdoors, flowers or vegetables, the popularity of gardening has sprung up exponentially over the past few years. Everyone from millennials to baby boomers has shown a budding interest in this relaxing hobby. In fact, 55% of households do some sort of gardening. And 67% of people grow (or plan to grow) vegetables, herbs and fruits. Since this pastime has become so well-liked by people of all ages, promo seed packets make a great giveaway for clients, employees, events and everything in between. Plus, there are seed options for flowers, herbs and vegetables.

One quick note: Be sure to check local regulations regarding plants and seeds; some areas have controls around the distribution of some plant species.

3 ways to plant promo seed packets in your messaging

  1. Highlight growth in multiple ways
  2. Give promo seed packets away at events
  3. Create gift baskets with custom seed packets


1. Highlight growth in multiple ways

What better way to highlight company growth or a new product launch than with promo seed packets that grow? To show appreciation to long-term customers, employees or vendors, create a personalized message to thank them for helping your brand grow.

Small seed packets are thoughtful giveaways. Choose seeds that will flower into one of your brand colors for an extra special touch. For example, consider the Standard Series Seed Packet with Marigolds for a yellow logo.


Front and back of a branded marigold seed packet


Every bright, yellow bloom will remind them of your brand.

Seeded paper makes another great seed packet giveaway. The seeds are embedded in a piece of paper available in several shapes. The heart-shaped Plant-A-Shape Flower Custom-Printed Seed Packet, for example, comes in a clear envelope and includes simple planting instructions even rookie gardeners can follow.


Outside branded cover of a seed packet with red heart seed packet

2. Give promo seed packets away at events

From trade shows to farmers’ markets, custom-printed seed packets are great for capturing the attention of attendees and leaving an imprint.

Plants in the office can reduce stress, increase productivity and boost creativity. Use this knowledge to start the conversation at trade shows. Then leave your contact information on a memorable gardening gift that can be used in the workplace.

The Growable Planter Gift Kit comes with basil, oregano, thyme or parsley seeds and includes everything they’ll need to get started.

Branded parsley seed packet and grower kit

Once the seeds sprout, they not only provide office greenery but can even be used to add a fresh flavor to employees’ lunches.

Increase your brand’s presence in the community by giving away seeds at your local farmers’ market. With more than 8,000 farmers’ markets in the National Farmers Market Directory—and 85 percent of them looking to expand—these community events are a great way to be seen by local customers. Vegetable seed packets make great farmers-market promotional items. Organic green pepper, tomato and pumpkin seeds will encourage farmers’ market attendees to tend their garden while reminding them of your brand.


Front and back of branded green pepper seed packet      Front and back of branded tomato seed packet      Branded front and back of pumpkin seed packet


Finally, include promotional seed packets as a special gift in swag bags for any event. Whether a casual school picnic or a black-tie gala, seed packets will remind guests of the fun—while growing your business relationships.


3. Create gift baskets with custom seed packets

Add promotional seed packets to a garden-themed gift basket for retiring employees, client gifts, or any other celebration. Bundle together an apron, garden tools, unique pots and other items alongside garden promotional items.

For larger promotional gifts, include the Mini Watering Can Blossom Kit in your gift basket.

Green branded watering can planter kit with soil beside it

This easy-to-use kit includes seeds, soil and a planter (with your logo on it). The Grow Your Own Herbal Tea Garden is also perfect for a gift basket.

Cardboard egg carton with branded paper wrapped around it

With lemon balm, lavender and chamomile, recipients can grow their own sweet-smelling tea ingredients in the included carton.


Watch your messaging grow with seed packet giveaways

Seed packet giveaways are great for everything from client gifts to employee appreciation to farmers’ market promotional products. As the popularity of gardening continues to grow, your contacts will appreciate the thoughtful gift.

Suzanne Worwood

Suzanne Worwood

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