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| Updated: May 19, 2021

Tis the season for graduations, weddings and other outdoor ceremonies. With each and every ceremony comes a printed program for guests. We have some unique personalized program ideas that will get plenty of use even after the event.

If you want to print your event program on something a little out-of-the-box, boy have we got some possibilities for you!

1. Hankies: Print a simple follow-along program in the huge imprint area of this bandana. Imprinted hankies will function not only as programs but also as party favors and fashion accessories!

Personalized Bandanna

2. Fold-up tote: Stuff this imprinted fold-up tote with event swag and print your order of events inside the ample 8″ x 8″ imprint area.

Promotional Folding Shopping Bag

3. Hand fans: if your event will be held during a particularly hot month, consider printing your program on a customized hand fan. Your guests will appreciate your thoughfulness.

imprinted hand fan

4. Cleaning cloth: Full-color imprinting across the entire surface of the cleaning cloth gives you a lot of design liberties. Print your school logo in the background with reverse-out program notes.

imprinted cleaning cloth for glasses

5. Flyers: Let the celebrations begin right after your special event with friendly games of catch. Promotional flyers too can be used as fans during particularly hot summer outdoor ceremonies.

imprinted flyer

6. Mousepad: Dye-sublimated mousepads present another opportunity for full-color imprinting across the entire surface. Recipients will use the full-color mousepads and recall their special memories long after the event.

full-color promotional mouse pad


Any of the above ideas would also work great as alternative invitations or party favors. However, if you’re looking to print your program on something a little more conventional, we’ve got that covered too. These beautiful customized invitation/programs are printed on dainty vellum. The paper behind the vellum is even embedded with seeds, so they live on long after the event.

customized invitation

Be on the lookout for new sizes of these seeded invitations coming soon!


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